Series 5 Cast Interviews
Joan Collins

Joan Collins

Eva de Wolffe

"The role of Eva De Wolffe is a fabulous character. She is a cunning, sarcastic, cruel and scandalous business woman. She also wears some fantastic, shocking and elegant outfits.

Footballers' Wives has been an extremely enjoyable and I really did find the cast and crew so hospitable that I felt at home immediately.

Filming with Zoe Lucker who plays Tanya was a joy. We shot many good scenes together and we both had great dialogue. They are both such bitches, so every comment was spiked and vicious but enormous fun to deliver.

When Eva first meets Tanya she immediately tries to cut her down to size as she can recognise many of Tanya's traits and can see her plan. She doesn't want Tanya stealing Paulo from her. Eva is controlling in her relationship with Paulo, but to be honest, I'm not sure he would be much better off with Tanya.

I think Footballers' Wives is quite like Dynasty in its way. It has fabulous locations, great clothes and is glamorous. There are not many programmes like that at the moment other than 'Desperate Housewives' but Footballers' Wives really was the return, certainly for the UK, for aspiration or fantasy television. I would like to see more programmes like Footballers' Wives, as I for one am becoming tired of 'JUST PLAIN FOLKS' television. I know millions of women that like this kind of show - so bring 'em back!"