Series 1 Cast Interviews
Susie Amy

Susie Amy

Chardonnay Lane-Pascoe

"It's difficult to say what Chardonnay's like, because she goes through so many changes during the series. She's certainly a very strong character - a very bright and independent person, and very focused on her career as a glamour model which has made her rich in her own right.

"She's very, very much in love with Kyle, she adores him. But her career does mean a lot to her, and there is some conflict that comes from that, because he doesn't really approve of her being a glamour model. And there's the mum-in-law-to-be Jackie as well - she doesn't help, stirring things up. I don't think that anyone would be good enough for her son, whatever they did - let alone Chardonnay. It doesn't all go smoothly for the media's Golden Couple.

"The thing about Chardonnay is that she isn't what you'd think of as a typical glamour model and I didn't want her to end up as a cliche. The way she looks... the fact that she has her one relationship that she's so completely into. She likes being in the public eye a lot more than Kyle - he happens to be a famous footballer because he's very talented, and the attention just goes with it, whereas her career means that she has got there by choice.

"The clothes I wear in the series are very different to what I'd wear. Chardonnay has a lot of very plunging necklines, at least she does at the beginning of the series. When we filmed the first episode, I could hardly have been wearing less! But I certainly enjoy wearing some of her clothes. They're beautiful, especially the Kyri outfits. Actually it's not that I wouldn't wear them - perhaps I would wear some of them, just for different occasions. If I was going out somewhere in the evening I might wear something low-cut, just not to pop out to the shops!

"The Pascoes' house is just massive. It's fabulous with 100 acres, and it would be just great to own a house like that, as Chardonnay does, at the age of 20. The real owners are lovely too, Amanda's become a real friend. They have children and I don't, so if I owned it there are things that I would do differently, but yes, it really is a fabulous place!

"Chardonnay's image does change so drastically during the series and I've had to have my hair all hacked off! I had to get quite psyched up for that. I knew right from the start when I got the part that I would be having my hair cut off. I like it now. I've always had my hair long, so it's a big change. And the thing is, I would never have done it otherwise. I'd have had the same hair forever! So being made to have it cut was probably a good thing.

"Chardonnay develops an eating disorder and it's ironic, because I'm very well-known on-set for having easily the biggest appetite! I think a lot of women can identify with Chardonnay worrying about her weight, feeling that she's got to look great all the time and that you have to be slim to look great. Luckily, I'm really happy with myself - otherwise I might have read the script and seen that she is trying to lose weight, and felt pressurised to lose a few pounds. But fortunately I'm very secure with my body image so that wasn't a problem for me.

"I do like to watch football. I certainly could explain the off-side rule to you. But there's no one team I support. I think that probably does make watching it more enjoyable - you don't have to worry when your team loses.

"This is my first big role and I was so, so thrilled to get it, especially as I know there was a lot of competition. And the rest of the cast have been great - I get on really well with Gary, and of course with Gillian. She's brilliant - she's been such a laugh. And the other girls, Katharine and Zoe. We all get on very well and it just makes filming such fun. It's actually fun to come into work. With it being a new series and with us all being involved from the start, it's been really nice - none of us knew anyone else but now we're all great friends. I hope that comes across on screen."