Series 1 Cast Interviews
Paula Wilcox

Paula Wilcox

Marguerite Laslett

"Marguerite is the Chairman's ex-wife. She is quite well-to-do, so I think she must be getting plenty of alimony! They have a grown-up son, Christopher. She comes back because of course Frank is in a coma and the decision has to be made whether he should be kept alive. Christopher is Frank's next-of-kin and he and Marguerite have to make the decision together. It's quite a tragic storyline, quite upsetting and very emotional.

"Marguerite is still very fond of Frank. I think she'd really have liked them to have got back together. But Frank's life has always been completely about football. His wife and family have always come second to the game. She would have got glammed up for special club dinners and things like that, and been for manicures and facials and lunches, and played tennis, but it must have been a lonely life for her at home with their son all the time while he was away working. I suspect that Frank might have played away a bit too.

"Frank's attraction for Marguerite would have been his power. He's an important man, and that means that they led a rather glamorous lifestyle. And of course there's always the attraction of a bit of rough! I wouldn't say that she's particularly upper class, but she's more upper class than he is, certainly.

"She's terribly glamorous. It made such a nice change! I haven't really done anything where I've been glamorous and dressed up for ages. I've been appearing in a children's television series, The Queen's Nose, which I've been associated with for about six years, and in that I play a very ordinary mum, not glamorous at all. Whereas Marguerite wears a lot of very stylish clothes, a lot of Armani... and of course, lots of diamonds. Very much my style, darling!

"I was brought up in Manchester, and I've always supported Manchester United. I've been watching them for years - long before they were considered to be the kings of the world. This was back when they were one of those hated teams! I started going to see them play when I was about five years old and I still follow them.

"Working on Footballers' Wives has been very, very good. The people have been lovely, all very happy together, and so hard-working. It's always a bit odd coming into something in the middle, but everyone's made me feel so at home. Most of my scenes really have been in the hospital so I haven't seen much of the palatial, glamorous houses they've been filming in. But then again, I haven't had to stand by a freezing cold football field in the rain either, so I'm quite pleased about that!"