Series 1 Cast Interviews
Nathan Constance

Nathan Constance

Ian Walmsley

"Ian is 22, and he's moved down to Earls Park about six months ago from Bolton. He's been with Bolton as a youth player since he was about fourteen. He's come from nothing, really, they lived on a council estate and he's got himself step-by-step, closer and closer to his dream which is to be a top striker, a professional footballer.

"He's married to Donna. They've been together since they were like, twelve and a half. When he moved to Bolton the first girl he hooked up with, he's been with ever since. They're happily married with a young daughter. Or as happily as you can be...

"For him, joining Earls Park is a step in the right direction, it's what he's been waiting for, a chance to shine. He's joined a team with bigger players. Jason Turner, Kyle Pascoe - these are players that Ian's watched. He's the new guy with a lot of promise.

"It's a great role, and it's something completely and utterly different from anything I've ever done before. I tend to always play the victim, the nice guy who nothing seems to go right for, and Ian, he's not necessarily a bad guy, but he's not necessarily the nicest. All of a sudden he's in London, and there's big parties and a big house, and there are big temptations, and it's a whole different ball game.

"I never played football when I was younger. I wasn't very good at it. I think that was the thing. I was better at acting, so I did that! I've learnt to respect footballers though. I did Dream Team a couple of years ago and that's helped a lot with Footballers' Wives, as it was about youth training schemes and professional football and that's the whole thing that Ian's been doing for the last six years.

"I don't really follow a football team, but my whole family's a West Ham house. Don't come anywhere near us with a Liverpool or a Tottenham or any other shirt. It's West Ham.

"A couple of months before we started filming, I tried to get myself at least a little bit in shape, because I wasn't! I'd go out for a run, and just practice with the ball. There's not that much football in the series, it's not what the programme's about. But I did go over to the park and kick a ball, so when in a scene someone did kick a ball over to me, I could at least kick it back without looking really stupid. The series is about rich people, people that have just got too much money. There's a whole other lifestyle that we as the average person don't really know about, but that we're really intrigued by. It's a little look into that. Football is just how they get their money.

"The Walmsley's house is very nice. I like my house! It's worth £1.5 million. It's very Dallas. It's not good enough for Ian, though. After a year, just when his family's settled, I see him buying some big garish mansion...

"I do like my clothes in the series. I don't usually dress like this. I dress in tracksuit bottoms and T-shirts. Everyone who knows me tries to get me to dress up but I just don't feel that comfortable. They'd all love me to walk around twenty-four-seven in leather Kenzo jackets and tight tops like Ian. You get to have a little ego and a swagger and you don't have to take the responsibility for that ego. I wear these nice clothes as Ian and then I can put them down at the end of the day.

"Ian drives a Grand Cherokee. It is a family car. The wife, she's got a little Jeepy thing. He just likes these jeeps. You know these people. You don't need one, these big 4 x 4s. Well, you do if you're going on safari in the jungle, but you're not. You're going down the bloody West End!"