Series 1 Cast Interviews
Micaiah Dring

Micaiah Dring

Marie Minshull

"Marie's a feisty little madam. She's very spirited. But underneath all the front, she's still a little girl. She thinks she's grown-up and mature, but she's just like any other teenage girl, deep down. She's been obsessed with Jason Turner for a long time - she used to watch him in matches on television, and that obsession has just grown and grown. And then when her brother-in-law Ian gets signed to Jason's team, she sees the perfect opportunity to get to meet him. It's not many teenage girls that actually get to meet the man they've had a crush on.

"Marie's come down from Bolton to live with her sister Donna and her husband Ian, which is a bit of shock to them 'cause she just invited herself, really! Poor old Ian is hoping it's not going to be a permanent thing but Donna's secretly quite pleased as she's a long way from home and I think she's a bit lonely. Marie's like a little piece of home. But she does get under their feet.

"Donna and Marie have always been quite close. Marie's just finished her GCSEs and she's got no idea what to do next. Donna and Ian have this massive house and a glamorous lifestyle, and there's the involvement with all of the footballers, so I don't think that exactly deterred her from arriving on their doorstep.

"Her relationship with Jason isn't a smooth one. Her ego really takes a bashing. She does keep picking herself up, but how long she'll be able to keep doing that remains to be seen. Sometimes she gives as good as she gets but like I said underneath all the front, she is just a teenage girl. I was quite nervous about some of the scenes with Marie and Jason. I'd never been on a set where very intimate scenes had been filmed so I didn't really know what to expect. But it helped that Cristian was so great about it. He was lovely, very professional, and that really did put me at my ease."

As for Marie's clothes: "Well, it was quite a shock! I had to meet up with Sarah Arthur, the costume designer, and she started getting out all these PVC mini-skirts! I was so shocked, as I hadn't really thought about her look before. I was just staring at these tiny skirts with my mouth open... they're great clothes for Marie, but not for me! Standing by the side of some muddy football pitch, in the freezing cold, in a mini... I wouldn't recommend it.

"To be able to work on a brand new series is really, really exciting. Everyone's been so nice. I would really like to be able to dish the dirt and say we all hated each other, but everybody's lovely.

"I'd always had an inkling of what I wanted to do, that I wanted to act. So when I was younger I entered a competition on a kid's Saturday morning TV show, Scratchy & Co. It was a competition to win a part in the children's drama series The Ward. I had to send in a tape, and they liked it so I went and auditioned. In fact I didn't win the competition. But even better, they did ask me back for a few more auditions and I got a part, playing a character called Lisa, and ended up doing eleven episodes! That was in 1998. After I finished that, I wrote to the Junior Television Workshop in Nottingham. Eighteen months later, by which time I was doing Drama at college, I heard back from them. I got work through them, like a part in Peak Practice, and now Footballers' Wives.

"I was really excited to get the part of Marie. It's a great role, really feisty and she's quite outrageous. I only left college last year, and after that I was working at Tales Of Robin Hood in Nottingham, where they do mediaeval banquets. I started as a serving wench, and then I was promoted. I graduated from being a serving wench to being Maid Marion. They obviously saw me as more maiden-like rather than as a wench. The casting directors on Footballers' Wives couldn't have seen the same qualities in me when they were casting Marie!"