Series 1 Cast Interviews
Lee-Anne Baker

Lee-Anne Baker

Lara Bateman

"Lara's married to Big Ron, the goalkeeper for Earls Park. They've been married for about a year, although they've got kids, so have obviously been together for a while. They've got a nice relationship.

"Because I'm a real footballer's wife [Lee-Anne is married to Wimbledon midfielder Andy Roberts], I consulted on Footballers' Wives for about six months during pre-production, meeting everybody down to the costume people, and advising on different aspects of the way of life that we lead. Andy and I have been together a couple of years and we got married last June, and obviously a lot of our time is spent at matches, and at different functions. So I know a lot about the life, and the way the girls are. I met Andy through a friend of mine who was going out with his brother, who isn't a footballer.

"Obviously Footballers' Wives is a drama, so it's boosted a bit for the cameras, but it's got lots of elements of truth in it. It's quite realistic, I think. Everything's exaggerated, right down to what we all wear, but the story-lines are realistic. I know all my footy wife friends are all going to watch it. It's the sort of thing all the wives will watch. Everyone will think it's quite funny in a way, but I'm sure they'll be able to see the truth in it.

"It's very ironic for me. As an actress I've been in a lot of theatre, but whenever I've told people I'm in this, they've instantly thought it's a documentary about me and Andy and I have to say 'Err, no, it's a drama...'

"It's all about glamour with the wives, when they go out they spend all day getting ready. I'm not as bad as that, but I will spend a couple of hours though. Some of them will go to beauty salons and get their hair put up and their nails done. It is very glamorous. It's every detail... nails, toenails, eyebrows plucked... every single detail. Everyone else is glamorous, so if you didn't make that effort, you'd stand out.

"The houses that we use in the series would be dream homes for most players - especially the Pascoes'. It's in the league of, say, a David Beckham. Footballers all have very different homes, and they are big, they are glamorous, but not compared to this. The Pascoes' is one step beyond - but that's the whole series really, just one step further than the reality.

"On a normal match day, the boys have to be at the ground early, 1pm at the latest. The wives travel with them, so before the match actually starts, you've got two hours where the girls mingle, chatting, catching up on what they've been up to before the match even starts. Then we all watch the match, usually chatting all the way through, and then pretending that you did really see that great goal, or whatever they did. Then afterwards you all meet in the players' lounge, where they have food and drinks for you, for a couple of hours. Most people go out afterwards, with the players, in the evening.

"I've always liked football, but more so now. I still don't understand what offside means though! I don't understand that at all. But I do know what's going on in a match, and I do enjoy it. Of course it's more interesting if Andy's playing than if he's not. I have to support Wimbledon, but a little part of me supports Millwall. Andy used to play there, but really it's because my brother's an avid Millwall fan, and he used to take me to the matches way before I was with Andy."