Series 1 Cast Interviews
John Forgeham

John Forgeham

Frank Laslett

"Football is Frank's life. He just lives football. He's also really a bit of a bastard. He knows the power he's got as Chairman and he uses it - and he thinks he's still a good looker and that he can still pull the birds, at his age.

"He's always been close to Jason Turner. Having Jason on the team is a bit like having Paul Gascoigne, in that he's a brilliant, talented footballer, but also a bad boy, a bit of a wild card. I think Tanya's always flirted with Frank, basically to keep Jason on the team.

"The coma scenes were the easiest scenes to film for me. I just had to lie there! In fact, I fell asleep occasionally. I would wake up to the voice of the sound man shouting 'Can we go again, because we can hear John snoring?'.

"His ex-wife Marguerite comes back when he's in hospital and seemingly about to die - I mean, the family are literally gathered around his bed. Really, she's quite keen to get back together with him, but he's got no real interest in that. He's a ducker and a diver, a wheeler-dealer type. When I was playing him I kept thinking of Alan Sugar - he's a bit of a lad, isn't he?

"I think you can sum Frank up with a line that he says in one episode: 'I'd give everything up tomorrow to play one more game as a pro.' He just loves the game, and all the trappings that go with the game - the power, the women, the money, the lifestyle, the clothes. Frank wears these three-quarter length coats, the sort of thing that men my age wear when they want to be one of the boys again.

"I played football as a schoolboy, quite seriously. I was a county player as a schoolboy and I had trials for England. I played for Aston Villa, under 16s, but then I decided to become an actor instead. I support Manchester United, even though I'm from Birmingham."