Behind the Scenes

Mascara & Manicures

Alyn Waterman
(Make-up Designer)

Returning to design the make-up and hair on Footballers' Wives has been as exciting as ever. With the show being sold to America and the frequent comparisons to Desperate Housewives I felt this series should look as glamorous as possible.

I have always enjoyed the themed events and this series has had plenty. Bruno and Lucy's Pride and Prejudice wedding was great to do. As a make-up designer it is important to research the looks for the period, but also you need to add that certain Footballers' Wives look, hence they still have their fake tans, nails and lip-gloss.

Tremaine and Liberty were great characters to style. They have an Egyptian themed wedding and Liberty's wig consists of hundreds of plaits and beads which were very time consuming to apply, but the results were stunning.

I always try to keep the wives as individual as possible but they should in someway mirror the celebrity looks that appear in the glossies.

Shannon's look is still sexy but in a chavvy - chic way whilst Lucy's look is very boho-beauty.

Tanya Turner - 'the black widow' of Earls Park returns halfway through this series. It was great to have Zoe Lucker back, we always have fun creating Tanya's many looks and she is as glamorous as ever. After all in this series she faces competition from Eva de Wolffe played by Joan Collins.

Dynasty has always been a big inspiration to me whilst working on the series and it was wonderful to have Joan in the show.

Series 5 has been the best and special thanks to our producer Cameron Roach and my make-up team Juliette Vankay, Nicky South and Lynda Pearce.