Behind the Scenes

The Design

Chrysoula Sofitsi
(Production Designer)

Designing the show for a fifth series is a challenge in itself, each year the show grows in ambition, but it is essential that as well as growing, the look of the show feels as fresh as ever - and as glamorous of course.

Hello! and OK! magazines are a constant source of inspiration when we design the show; the intertwined initials "T & L" above Tre and Liberty's bed was inspired by a certain famous footballer and his wife, and Tremaine and Liberty's wedding with a huge marquee constructed in their garden in the form of an Egyptian shrine nods to a certain late summer celebrity wedding last year.

The events of Footballers' Wives have become bolder than ever, with two house warmings, a charity auction, a pool party, two weddings and a funeral this series we had our work cut out in making each event a talked about television moment.

The script writers develop the themes of the parties, but then the design team ensure that the events are as spectacular as possible. So the marquee in Tremaine and Liberty's garden for their wedding not only featured huge coloured columns and enough gold to rival Tutankhamen's tomb but Liberty is carried into the ceremony by six oiled studs reclining on a jewelled bed like Cleopatra. The houses each contain the latest in technology from coffee machines and televisions to gym equipment and flashing jukeboxes.