Behind the Scenes

The Locations

Mark Gladwin & Jeremy Stern

The houses in Footballers' Wives are key to the audience's enjoyment of the show and each year we ensure that all of our continuity locations have the 'wow' factor. Tre and Liberty, our new couple, have the ultimate Footballer's Mansion complete with gold embossed fountains in the driveway and a swimming pool suite with water cascading from the ceiling. Garry Ryan, our rock star chairman has the very best in playboy mansions and his swimming pool makes a tremendous setting for a Hugh Heffner style party in episode three, where the swim-to-bar and waterslide are populated by scantily clad nymphs. One less glamorous location we had to find was Trisha Watson's house where we first meet Callum. Cameron Roach, the producer, furnished us with a photo of the house in which Wayne Rooney grew up, and challenged us to find one that matched - we came up trumps and the location we found in Watford looked just the ticket.

Our returning characters Lucy and Bruno Milligan have retained residence of the superb Milligans' Hall complete with stud farm and immaculate grounds, whilst Shannon Lawson fresh from her divorce settlement with Harley has invested in a new-build Queen Anne style house, with an impressive three storey galleried entrance hall in which she has adorned the wall with modern art of her heroines including, Maddona, Beyonce, Kylie, J-Lo and Jennifer Aniston. These continuity locations along with our continued partnership with Tottenham Hotspur FC provide an impressive backdrop for the series. For Joan Collins's character, Eva De Wolffe, we made use of an impressive mansion in Southern Hertfordshire, as the character needed a residence which exuded English class. Other events through the series also make use of equally sensational guest locations.