Behind the Scenes

Producer's Notes

Cameron Roach
(Series Producer)

Footballers' Wives is now so embedded in the public's imagination it really is a massive challenge to ensure that the show still fulfils the expectation of the audience, yet also has a few surprises in store too. Whilst ensuring that every episode is bursting with outrageous locations and spectacles such as Egyptian or Pride and Prejudice themed weddings, we still have to ensure that the stories are as well formed as ever and that the characters' emotions and decisions feel true - this series as a result is a sensational cocktail of intrigue, deceit and danger.

Our new characters Garry Ryan (transferred in from Extra Time), Tremaine Gidigbi and Liberty Baker, who form our new golden couple, are as well conceived as ever. Each arrive with their baggage over flowing with insecurities and ambitions.

We were delighted to welcome Joan Collins to the ensemble, adding yet more glamour to the series, the storyline for Joan is superb, one which we are confident will be a talked about TV moment for 2006. The cast and crew really enjoyed having Joan on board - even entertaining us with a tale or two from her time on Dynasty.

It can be argued that the show is a modern morality tale for our time. The show may well be aspirational to some, but the intention is that our audience can enjoy the paranoia and self-obsession of these over paid protagonists. Fame and fortune might be what our audience aspire to, but a life in a sparkling mansion with a clutch of shining cars outside brings with it its own form of misery.

The public's enjoyment of the show is not only due to the outrageous storylines and larger than life characters, but also down to the tremendous locations, sumptuous production design, not to mention the latest in designer fashion and immaculate hair and make-up. All this our heads of departments have excelled in this series. As a result the series is as fresh as ever and we are proud of the nine hours of unmissable entertainment we have created (not to mention the additional thirteen episodes of Extra Time that run in parallel on ITV2). Enjoy and savour the experience...