Behind the Scenes

False Nails, Fake Tan & Hair Extensions

Alyn Waterman
(Make-up Designer)

Footballers' Wives is a brilliant series to work on as a hair and make-up artist. I have worked with Zoe Lucker (Tanya Turner) since day one and we knew that Tanya would only appear in the first four episodes of this series so we've taken her look to the extreme - bigger hair, stronger make-up and longer nails! On the topic of big hair, we had done it up so high one day Zoe has a real problem getting into the car to go to set!

Amber is another great character to create - Laila Rouass is so adaptable. She can be "Posh Spice" one day and Nancy Dell'Olio another. Amber decides that she wants a natural birth for her baby. This involved Laila sitting in a birthing pool all day with a prosthetic tummy. She was a trooper and never complained once. We also create a prosthetic baby complete with umbilical cord for the scenes.

Amber releases a single called "Bhangra Bhootie" in this series. It's hilarious and it was great fun to turn her into a "pop princess" for a day. By the end of filming everyone was singing and dancing along to it.

The footballer's wife look is high maintenance - ask Sarah Barrand who spent eight hours having her hair extensions applied to create a new glamourous look for Shannon. They are fantastic and very versatile. We wanted to make Shannon more "flash than trash" this series.

Lucy Milligan is a wife who knows her way around a make-up counter, but she's more arty than tarty and with her daughter Angelica, we've created a "mini-me".

The start of Series Four was quite hectic as we had two film units running, one in England and another in Spain which is where we meet Katie (Elaine Glover), a glamourous cadette who undergoes a dramatic transformation after her rape ordeal. The scene in which Katie chops off her hair is in fact false-hair pieces as we hadn't completed all of her "long hair" scenes. Scheduling big changes in appearance is always tricky on such a fast moving show such as Footballers' Wives.

Prime example being Conrad's (Ben Price) tattoo - it's enormous and covers his entire back. A tattoo of this size would normally be done over time. But being Footballers' Wives, Conrad has it done in one go and then collapses. In reality the tattoo took an hour and a half to apply and involved stencils and transfers.