Behind the Scenes

Footballers' Houses

Chrysoula Sofitsi
(Production Designer)

'In terms of ambition Footballers' Wives has a habit of growing and growing, this has certainly been the case with Series 4. The locations have provided an excellent canvas for the design team, but it has often been hard to convince a location owner that they will be living with their house radically re-designed for a week at a time; in the case of Shannon and Harley's new love nest this involved all of the curtains and fittings being bright pink and installing life-sized canvases adorned with rose petals - certainly a unique look.

Each episode has featured a major event, whether it be a Christening Grecian-style, a nightclub launch night, an ostentatious shooting party or a pop video Bhangra Style. Despite working to a budget the possibilities for a designer on the show are endless, I can't think of another drama on British television which would require the design team to build a baby's cot in the style of a Faberge egg.'