Behind the Scenes


Cameron Roach
(Series Producer)

'The locations have always been a key ingredient to Footballers' Wives but on Series 4 we have expanded the location team in order to maximise the number of glamorous locations in the series. The first challenge was finding a suitable house for our new couple, Bruno and Lucy Milligan, we wanted an appropriate country seat for Bruno, who is aspiration personified and we came up trumps with a massive newly built country home complete with stud farm, that rivals Beckingham Palace for lavishness; as a result of finding such a magnificent location, we actually storylined to suit the location - through the series Milligans' Hall becomes the setting for ostentatious dinner parties and even a clay pigeon shoot.'

'Similarly a new house for Conrad and Tanya (with a personal wing for Amber and her dog Krishna) was important, and it was essential that the look of the house equalled the glamour of these characters - again the house we found looks fantastic on screen, but was a particular challenge for the Director of Photography as it is predominantly glass (including a unique glass floored lounge area looking directly on to an indoor pool below.)'

'Earls Park is a London based club and therefore it is important to the look of the show that London is featured. In each episode we have ensured that London at its' best is shown off; therefore through the series the girls will lunch with the river as a backdrop, will sip champagne with well know landmarks behind them and will dine with the London skyline twinkling in the distance. We have been fortunate enough to utilise some of London's most fashionable establishments. Indeed the location we have used for Bruno Milligan's new private members' club the pretentiously named 'Nabakov's Cocoon' is set in the notorious Loungelover Club, which the Independent featured in its' recent Cool Guide Series; 'If you only visit one bar in London, make sure it is the Loungelover'.'

'We have been fortunate enough to retain our relationship with Tottenham Hotspur F.C. who have been incredibly hospitable to us and even met our demands for turning on all of their floodlights to create a dramatic backdrop to a black tie sponsors' dinner. The use of Tottenham's changing rooms and the players' lounge in particular significantly add to the on screen realism of the show.'