Behind The Scenes

The Make-up

Alyn Waterman
(Make-up Designer)

"Designing the make-up and hair for series three was really exciting for me.

Shannon, our silicone Sindy, - a nose job, boob job and a trout pout. So a big thank you to Sarah Barrand for being such an enthusiastic victim.

Also Ben Price (Conrad) who spent many hours in make-up with his various hair-dos (blame Beckham) - he was a star.

"Amber was the perfect 'Bollywood Princess' and a joy to create and Tanya the ultimate perma-tanned Barbie with false lashes, ten hair pieces and a comparison to Freddy Krueger with talons to match - wait and see!

"Thailand was an amazing experience 90 degrees and a full face of make-up - can you imagine!

"Thank you to the most amazing cast on TV - roll on a series four.

"I would like to thank Dermalogica, Paul Mitchell Luxury Hair Care, Errol Douglas, Tigi Haircare, Braun, Phillips, Nexxus and Eyelure."