Behind The Scenes

Producer's Notes

Sean O'Connor
(Series Producer)

"From the outset, we were determined to give this series an even more lavish look, so all the locations are new and specially chosen for this series. The Pascoe's house had literally just been built before we started filming. The paint was still drying on the walls and the Koi-carp had only recently been released into the Japanese water garden! And for our new couple, Conrad and Amber Gates, we wanted a house that really reflected their international jet-set lifestyle. Their Italiante-cum-neo-georgian mansion with its palm trees and Mediterranean pool was hugely tricky to find in the UK, but it's the perfect background for them.

"For Earls Park itself, we wanted to move the football scenes up a division. We wanted the Sparks to seem like a genuine Premiership Club. We were delighted when Tottenham Hotspur allowed us to use all their facilities at White Hart Lane, as well as their training grounds. So the scenes in the changing rooms, the players' lounge and especially in the stadium have a really authentic feel to them. It's made a great impact visually in really defining the context in which the stories take place.

"To launch the new series, we wanted to do something truly sensational, somewhere glamorous, exotic and sexy. We decided on Thailand. It was a big shoot and involved a great deal of planning and sleepless nights from all concerned. But the results are stunning. Our main set piece is a big fashion show at the Marriott Hotel in Phuket. We built a long cat-walk over a flame-lit lily pond and then filmed all night with a large cast of models and audience members. For that extra touch of Thai authenticity, all of the models were played by Lady Boys. They look amazing and bring that special touch of the slightly bizarre which is such a part of Footballers' Wives."