Behind The Scenes

The Clothes

Sarah Arthur
(Costume Designer)

'Because there was so much interest in the clothes from the first series, I decided to establish where the most interest had been focused. And the most interest always came when I dressed someone in something unusual, very beautiful, or very ostentatious - so I wanted to expand more on that theme in series 2.

'The Footballers' Wives look is glamorous, ostentatious, head-turning. Sometimes what they wear is inappropriate for the occasion, but because of who they are, they get away with it. Clothes are not always 'designer'. Quite often it's High Street, mixed with designer. Jewellery is always expensive and large! But unlike real footballers' wives - we had to borrow all the jewellery that we used in series 2. Some of it was so valuable that it came with its own security guard.

'A great example of clothes reflecting the character's moods or the impression they want to make would be Tanya's sexy black and diamante Kyri outfit that she wears to seduce Darius, in comparison to her cream, long-coated Zara suit which she wore in court... very innocent and demure!'