Behind The Scenes

The Design

Chrysoula Sofitsi
(Production Designer)

'We agreed that we wanted to create a very beautiful, visually rich show where our characters dine in the most stylish restaurants, drink beautiful drinks in beautiful surroundings, drive enviable cars and throw the best parties in town.

'In the Pascoes' house, the decor is very much as we found it - we just added some small props. But baby Paddy's crib was a fantastic opportunity to create something customised for the child of Kyle Pascoe. What's Kyle's love...? It was easy to come up with the idea of having a crib in the shape of a football - which at the flick of a remote control switch swings in and out of a goal...

'Sal Biagi's flat was great - it gave us the perfect opportunity to show a rich Italian guy living in a modern, minimal bachelor interior, completely alien to his English team-mates. It's a real contrast to the other houses in the series.

'For the Turners' house I opted for gilding, glass, marble and zebra print. Everyone talks about the footballer mosaic at the bottom of the pool. In reality, the footballer is in Crystal Palace's colours. So we had to drain the pool, make a template, and create our own Earls Park player. Our prop guys have to lower our Perspex template on top of the existing mosaic to transform it. Tanya Turner loves gold - so most of the furniture and props we bought and then customised ourselves by gilding them. We even hand-painted gold rims on to the glasses. At one time we seemed to have exhausted the entire gold paint stock in South London!'