Behind The Scenes

The Make-up

Alyn Waterman
(Make-up Designer)

'For the wives, it's essential to have the best hairdressers and manicurists on hand... also an endless supply of St Tropez fake tan, and lip-gloss. It's easy to see the influences for the make-up you see in Footballers' Wives - just flick through the latest copy of Hello or OK. In terms of the products that we used, Paul Mitchell hair products and MAC Pro make-up were great.

'For series 2, Tanya's nails have been even longer - which has totally affected Zoe off-set. Her nails are so long this time that she has had to master the technique of picking up objects using the sides of her fingers. And this series, bad boy Jason sports a shaved eyebrow which we thought was absolutely the right look for the character. And in Kyle and Chardonnay, we've created a living Ken and Barbie.'