Behind The Scenes

Producer's Notes

Claire Phillips
(Series Producer)

'What has been immensely challenging, and fun, has been the crucial attention to detail. We ensured that our characters were drinking the right kind of champagne from the right glasses, eating from the right crockery, sleeping in the right bed linen and driving the right cars. There were times when we had over half a million pounds' worth of cars on set - Aston Martins, Ferraris, TVRs...

'It was important that our Wives had that impeccably groomed look. Alyn Waterman, our Make-Up Designer, had a lot of stronger ideas and we had a lot of fun with hairpieces this series, playing around with styles. The grooming didn't stop with the girls though. Footballers are now such trendsetters. All of our players had to pass the Beckham test!

'We've built on what was achieved in series one and have created eight hours of must-watch TV. There's a real adrenalin to the storylines, revealing so much about the moral fibre of the characters. There will be those you love and those you hate with a passion. We had a tremendous cast who gave so much to their individual characters. I know that they will evoke such an emotional response from the audience. Who cares about Posh and Becks when you've got Jason and Tanya, Kyle and Chardonnay and Donna and Ian in your front room every week?'