Frequently Asked Questions

As we receive a huge amount of correspondance regarding Footballers' Wives on a daily basis, we would be extremely grateful if you could read through the following FAQ before contacting us directly.

If you are unable to find a satisfactory answer to your query in the FAQ, please feel free to drop us a line at webmaster@shedproductions.com

Will there be a sixth series of Footballers' Wives?

Sadly, no. ITV have decided not to commission Footballers' Wives for a sixth series.

Can I watch Footballers' Wives online?

Yes,series one to five can be seen on the on-demand service SeeSaw which can be found HERE.

I want to write to a member of the Footballers' Wives cast. How do I get in contact?

We no longer keep a list of cast contact addresses on this site, however, in some cases this information is available on The Internet Movie Database.

When will DVDs of Footballers' Wives Series 4 and 5 be released in Region 1 format?

There are no plans for this at the moment. However, if you own a region-free DVD player, Amazon UK will deliver Region 2 DVDs to addresses in North America. Box-sets can be ordered here.