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Behind The Scenes
Series 2

We’re back!  And with our new 45-minute format we can pack even more of a punch.  Series two picks up our characters around three months down the line – our stories straying further into all sorts of dark, dangerous and frankly bizarre territory.  

Extra Time continues to be glossy, stylish, funny and fast-paced - with lots of hand-held camera and music keeping the energy flowing.  We’re still ‘pushing the boundaries of taste and decency’ with some of our stories, but it’s gripping stuff - sometimes scary, as well as outrageous.  Check Nurse Dunkley’s novel method of rousing Oliver from his coma… with a stinging wet towel.  Sexual healing?  Don’t know – but it works!

The show has expanded in lots of ways.  The hunt was on for new locations and we’ve had to hire another studio to house all our sets. The biggest of these is a fabulous brasserie called Canteen, Matt and Joly’s new business venture and venue for romantic trysts, weddings, parties, fights – and a sexual assault.  The parade of characters we’re featuring and the number of stories we’re telling means that the art department have to turn around the sets at lightning speed.  One week a space might be a hospital ward, the next a swanky restaurant.

We’ve got new additions to the cast too – amongst them, the ‘Eager Beevors’ – a stable of gorgeous young men employed by Oliver and Anika.  They aim to please - by providing their upmarket, odd-ball clientele cleaning services - with a twist. 

Also new for this series is our transmission pattern.  The first 8 episodes of Extra Time 2 air alongside Footballers’ Wives (switch over at 10pm and find out what happens on ITV2) and one of our biggest challenges was how to storyline this.  Some FW characters are closely connected to Extra Time – in particular Bruno Milligan, but weaving him, and the others, out of one series, into another and back again proved quite a challenge – especially since we had to ensure that the spin-off stories were completely self-contained and didn’t impact on Footballers’ Wives.    We did it – but not without a few headaches and plenty of hair-tearing. 

It has been great to get the team back together for Series 2.  Without getting soppy, there’s a definite family feel to Extra Time.  Everyone grows pretty close during long days of filming - some closer than others!  It certainly makes things easier when scenes demand that our actors have to slip out of their costumes on set.  I used to call the artists before scripts were issued to warn them of any ‘sensitive’ stuff – but now they’re all pretty blasé – and they know I’m always around to talk things over if they think we’ve gone too far. 

It’s a tough shooting schedule but we manage to have plenty of laughs along the way (just have a look in our ‘out-takes bin’).   I hope you enjoy the end result.

Di Burrows
Series Producer, Extra Time