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Behind The Scenes
Series 1

Launching a brand new drama will always be a daunting prospect, particularly when the programme is the first ever drama commission for a channel. Extra Time as a project has, however, been lucky on a number of counts; firstly the drama extends the brand of a hugely successful product, indeed one that is a cultural reference point, this has meant that the project has attracted incredible talent both on and off the screen, secondly the drama has had a very strong brief from the commissioning editor and indeed the project will be supported by an aggressive marketing strategy, including a specifically shot promotional campaign. The budget of the show has actually enabled us to have a terrific creative freedom, on a long lens we have shot predominantly hand held which has given the piece terrific energy and movement, also this has given us the freedom to shoot at locations that we wouldn't even consider possible on the main series. The Art Department in particular have used incredible imagination in bringing scripted situations to life, at no point was a story deemed to be too ambitious. In terms of the story told, again, we have pushed the boat out and are aware that elements of the audience will be shocked by some of the stories, rather than being sensationalist we believe that we are bringing to life situations which the public are reading about and we are bringing them to life in an enjoyable and imaginative way. With a generation seemingly obsessed with celebrity focussed stories there seems an insatiable desire for this type of story telling; no other British drama could show a six year old high on E. Extra Time above all is about entertaining the audience, we hope is humorous, sensual and above all entertaining. We are immensely proud of this show and knowing how popular Footballers' Wives has been for the British viewing public, we can only hope that Extra Time will be too.

Cameron Roach
Executive Producer, Extra Time
Series Producer, Footballers' Wives

It was with slight trepidation that I embarked on designing for Footballers' Wives: Extra Time; certainly knowing the high production values that are achieved on the main show and being aware that Extra Time would have a much lower production spend. The most exciting prospect was however the fact that for the first time ever the Footballers' Wives project would have standing sets which would be unique environments for Extra Time - part of the brief was to create domestic settings which equalled those which exist in multi-million pound properties - we started by deciding that the size of the set was crucial in recreating lavish environments, certainly this proved an invaluable investment, but then these sizeable sets had to be furnished, and furnished with expensive furniture. The biggest challenge was recreating part of the Milligan’s' house, as their house has been established in the main show we had to find wallpaper and materials which matched exactly, not an easy feat considering a roll of the original wallpaper costs hundreds of pounds. As Extra Time moves away from the world of Football and into the music industry one of our main sets is that of Rampant Sounds, the heart of Garry Ryan's empire, this needed to have a distinctive look and we have enabled this by using a lot of practical lighting along with large wall sized images; recreating Garry's image from the nineteen-seventies, we're thankful to our second assistant director for modelling for this pose.

David Bryan
Production Designer, Extra Time

In Extra Time we see a number of characters go through a radical transformation as their bank balances soar, notably the Salters; Yasmin, Rees and Joly each have a complete metamorphosis from die hard Chavs to become creatures that can inhabit the world of Chinawhites and the hangouts of Premiership players. Creating these characters was terrific fun and the audience will really enjoy the characters transformation. We were able to use our contacts from Footballers' Wives in styling a number of the characters, particularly the returning Footballers' Wives cast members, but we had a challenge on our hands in the shape of Garry Ryan; an exuberant character with an outrageous dress sense; a style guru from the nineteen seventies. Mona Mirza came up trumps in offering us a beautiful sari for Laila to wear at the funeral of Conrad, Mona is a much sought after designer and her clothes really suit Laila well. As well as clothes, designers helped us out with jewellery; Tom McEwan made Amber's ring specifically - the diamond created out of Conrad's ashes; and Butler & Wilson again sourced a lot of the girls' jewellery, some of which can be seen on the Press Pack cover.

Ceri Walford
Costume Designer, Extra Time
Wardrobe Supervisor, Footballers' Wives