Series 1 Episodes

Episode 1.9

Written by Harriet Warner
Produced by Di Burrows
Directed by Farren Blackburn

Anika is shocked when she comes across yet another explicit video, this time of her and Garry shagging on his office desk. He really is a dirty old pervert! Goodness knows how many other tapes he has recorded. Anika is determined to locate his hidden cameras and stash of tapes, as she can't afford for them to fall into the wrong hands. Another shock is in store when she opens a cupboard and finds a stack of video tapes, each labelled with a different girl's name.

Trapped Rees is shattered; his weak attempts to get the freezer door open are useless. Cold and exhausted he huddles against the solid steel door, slowly losing consciousness. Outside the club, bad boy Matt proves he isn't afraid of drug dealer Cash and his rowdy mates, but when they hint how Rees's life could be in danger. Matt makes an urgent call to Joly to warn her something is wrong. Together, they search the club for him and find him in a terrible state in the freezer. Joly frantically rings for an ambulance, could it be too late?

It's party time round at Oliver's when the club is evacuated after a fire alarm, Oliver is with an ex girlfriend Titiania, 'Tits' and he's taken her home for a bit of a catch up! Unfortunately for Oliver his pissed up mate Ed and a cluster of clubbers are up for a bit of a party too. Anika walks in on the party. She's desperate to rekindle her relationship with Oliver now that she knows what a pervert his dad his. But Oliver is busy - he's got a new playmate and doesn't need Anika anymore. Realising she's on her own, Anika decides to give Garry a taste of his own medicine.

Yasmin confides in Seb, she reckons it's her fault Rees is in hospital and who knows how much further Cash will go to try and get back at her. Later, Joly and Matt arrive back from the hospital and Yasmin is relieved when she hears that her brother is going to be okay. Now convinced that her children are incapable of looking after themselves, Joly decides to move into the flat. As Rees starts making a recovery, Joly realises she was totally wrong about Matt; perhaps he's a decent man after all. She's already given him his job back at the club, but how can she ever properly repay him for saving her son's life? During a chance meeting at the hospital, Matt offers to help Joly move into Rees and Yasmin's flat. Over a takeaway pizza, their newfound friendship quickly moves on to another level.

At Rampant Sounds, Anika's on a mission, trawling through the stash of Garry's pervy home movies. She finds a disc entitled 'Demon Nights', in it, Garry is dressed in devil's horns, a red leather cloak and underpants as two semi-naked girls get down to business on him. Perfect! Anika copies the file onto her mobile phone and, after arranging to meet Garry in the local pub, sends it to everyone in her address book. Garry's not going to like this one little bit!