Series 1 Episodes

Episode 1.8

Written by Harriet Warner
Produced by Di Burrows
Directed by Colm McCarthy

Seb turns up at Rees's flat at the crack of dawn, eager to know if he's heard from Yasmin. When Seb threatens to call the police to report her missing Rees warns him against the idea. Meanwhile, Yasmin wakes up next to Cash. She manages to sneak his phone out of the pocket of his jeans and frantically types a text message. Just as she presses send, Cash sits up behind her. Seb is still with Rees when the message comes through and grabs the phone. Now worried sick, he demands to know who Cash is.

Disgusted by the events of the previous night, only remarkably quick thinking saves Anika when Garry suggests that they attend another 'meet' that evening. When they enter the office, Michelle hurriedly shoves something into her desk drawer, flashing Anika a smug grin. Totally out of character, she is concerned over Anika's hangover, but this is only the calm before the knockout punch - the auditors are due to arrive! How long is it going to take them to notice the money she's been siphoning out of Garry's accounts?

Having been left in control of Nabakov's Cocoon by Bruno, Joly proves she's no pushover when it comes to business. After putting a halt to Matt's bullying of Rees, she prepares to meet with Oliver and Ed. Seeing an opportunity to launch their new venture, Chukka Ent., at the club, they've come to her with a grandiose proposal they tell her already has Bruno's approval. They're stunned when she rips up their proposal and names her own terms.

Noticing that Michelle has left the key in her desk drawer whilst she is out at lunch, Anika seizes the chance to go rummaging. She finds a file with her name on it that contains photocopies of bank statements on which her fraudulent money transfers have been highlighted. Anika is furious - Michelle has picked the wrong woman to mess with.

Rees and Sev burst through Cash's front door to find a scared looking Yasmin sitting on the sofa. When Seb demands that he be allowed to take Yasmin home, Cash threatens him with a gun. When Yasmin intercedes, he uses the gun to light his spliff - it's a lighter! But anyway, he's had enough of Yasmin now and tells Seb that he can have her. As the three of them make a hasty exit down the stairs, they realise they've been tricked when they run into a wall of Cash's heavies - no way up, no way down. Yasmin screams as the gang lay into Rees and Seb. In her customized car with blacked out windows, Chanel is disturbed, mid-shag, as her best mate Yasmin rings out of the blue. Kicking the man out of the car, she advises him to 'go have a wank' before heading off to Yasmin's aid.

A week later, Chukka Ent.'s launch is in full swing as a bruised Rees sneaks seemingly undetected into the kitchen. Yasmin is in her element, having bagged a job with Oliver and Ed and roped in an unfazed Chanel to assist her. Rees is applying ice to his burnt hand in the freezer room when Cash and a couple of his heavies appear and lock him in. Incensed when he sees Cash swan through his kitchen, Matt follows him into the club and a fight ensues, one that sees Cash and his heavies thrown out and Matt sacked by a furious Joly. Meanwhile, in the noisy kitchen, Rees's cries go unheard.

In the office, Anika takes steps to exonerate herself from blame and transfers a load of money into Michelle's bank accounts. If the auditors do catch someone with their hand in the till, it certainly ain't gonna be her! But the smile is wiped from her face when she comes across a video of she and Garry shagging on the bonnet of his car. Worse is to come when she watches Garry lift his mask and wink directly at the camera!