Series 1 Episodes

Episode 1.7

Written by Helen Childs
Produced by Di Burrows
Directed by Colm McCarthy

Lucy frantically searches for her passport whilst giving Bruno an earful. She was totally humiliated after seeing the rock she thought was for her on Joly's finger. No amount of grovelling is going to get him out of this one. She's leaving the country and she's taking Angelica with her.

The morning after the night before, Rees's head is thumping, Yasmin reminds him it's his first day; Bruno has organised a job for him at Nabakov's Cocoon. Returning with the breakfast, Seb proudly shows Yasmin the headline in today's Sun, 'Sparks! Own Goal, Seb Scores with Skipper's Girl', he sees she's not as cool with it as he is; this is all she needs to add to her stress. Meanwhile, Rees's idea of a free ride is stamped on from a great height when he reports to bully boy head chef Matt Bryant at the club. Matt lets him know that although he's the boss's son, he's the one in charge of things, before barking at him to scrub all the ovens out.

Oliver is lounging around the flat discussing his plans for world domination with mate Ed as Anika sheepishly lets herself in. Announcing that she's come for her things, he tells her not to bother, a glimmer of hope perhaps? She's back to earth with a bang when he hands her two packed bags, demands the keys and slams the door behind her. Later, Garry and Anika pull up outside Rampant Sounds to find the pavement swarming with paparazzi. The flash of bulbs is blinding as they emerge from the car, its official, they're a couple, Anika's loving it.

After parting on bad terms Seb and Yasmin arrange to meet. Outside the flat she's approached by a guy who introduces himself as an employee of Cash Brown. After a brief hesitation she gets into the car. As his lackey minds the door, Cash looks Yasmin up and down approvingly, long time no see, it's obvious Cash is in favour of his 'little bird's' new-look. He's not very keen on pictures of her being splashed all over the front of the newspapers though and it takes a lot of fast talking on Yasmin's part to convince him that she and Seb are just friends. At the bar, Seb realises that he's been stood up.

Bruno sits at the computer, his face a picture of concentration. He types in, 'Angelica - Location?' and then hits enter. The screen shows a map of Europe including a strange flashing dot over Spain. He repeatedly clicks the mouse until the image is in full zoom, he has an exact location, and doesn't he look smug. After tracking down his wife and child, Bruno goes to see Joly. He apologises for the scene at the housewarming and then pleads for her help - he wants her to manage Nabakov's Cocoon while he goes after Lucy.

In an underground car park Garry and champagne soaked Anika take up their favourite positions, on the car bonnet. Both wearing Halloween masks, they get down to business totally unaware of the other vehicles dotted around them. Through her drunken haze Anika is horrified to notice the interior lights of occupied cars, an unfazed Garry fails to miss a beat. Suddenly they are in full glare from the headlights of another car, their unseen voyeur, Michelle, training a video camera on them.