Series 1 Episodes

Episode 1.6

Written & Produced by Di Burrows
Directed by Colm McCarthy

At the Milligan's house, Lucy tells Bruno that she can't trust him if he sneaks off seeing his ex behind her back. Bruno brings up Giles, relieved she doesn't know the full story. She tells him she's taking Angelica to her mum's for a few days. A while later, Bruno takes Angelica to the doctors. He quietly discusses the procedure before leaving the 'doctor' to it. Faced with a plastic cup filled with an inch of pink liquid, Angelica is assured that she won't feel sick, just very sleepy.

Garry orders Anika to leave Oliver and then move in with him. After some very quick thinking, Anika persuades him to leave it to her to tell Oliver. As Anika goes to leave Garry's office, Michelle quickly peels her ear from the door. Back at the apartment, Anika comes clean with Oliver - she's leaving him and going to live with his father. Stunned by her confession Oliver can't believe Anika would have sex with his saggy old man, she tries to explain that it's all for them, once she has Garry's full trust she'll take him for all he's got. Oliver grabs his car keys and races out the door ranting and raving about killing his dad.

In a London hotel, a transformed Joly greets her stunned children looking fab in designer gear. Yasmin begs her stay with them at the new flat, Rees, who doesn't want his mum to cramp his style, is not so keen. Joly agrees to come over for lunch and Yasmin is made up, her plan seems to be working out just fine. Whilst Joly and Rees are preoccupied, Yasmin sneaks in a quick call to Bruno, telling him she needs him to come over.

Lucy is packed and ready to go, as Bruno is busy on the phone she searches for her car keys - has he hidden them? In his jacket pocket she finds a ring-box with one hell of a sparkler inside, she quickly puts it back. He suddenly announces that he's off to check on the new flat and mentions if she's thought any more about the vows, although he seems a bit blase. Is he playing her at her own game?

Oliver marches into Rampant Sounds, disturbs Garry's meeting and punches him straight in the face. Anika turns up soon after and runs to Garry's aide. Before she has the chance to steam in Oliver is grabbed by security and chucked out of the building. Later, over a consolation drink with his friend Ed, Oliver realises he won't be able to rely on his father's handouts anymore and decides it's about time he stood on his own two feet - he's going to start up his own business.

Yasmin has invited Bruno to the flat under the guise of asking his permission to give a housewarming party. When he arrives, he's livid when he sees Joly in situ - he wants her in Spain, not hanging around looking for more ways to get money out of him - but begins to lighten up when she pours the champagne. Yasmin's hasty exit leaves the two reminisce over lunch and Bruno presents her with the diamond ring to make up for the lack of one the first time round. As the champagne continues to flow, lunch turns into an extremely hot date.

Later, with the party in full swing, Bruno turns up armed with a crate of fizz and news for Rees - he's got him a job as kitchen porter at Nabakov's Cocoon. Despite the bitchy remarks, the attraction between Bruno and Joly is sizzling, something that Lucy can't fail to notice when she arrives, nor the huge rock that is sitting on Joly's finger.