Series 1 Episodes

Episode 1.5

Written by Heather Robson
Produced by Di Burrows
Directed by Colm McCarthy

Bruno calls a halt to the training session amidst a torrent of abuse from Joly. Now parked up in his car Bruno and Joly are at loggerheads over his treatment of the twins. He justifies his lavish gestures to Yasmin as making up for lost time - why shouldn't a father buy nice things for his daughter. She reminds him that his name is on both of their birth certificates plus the certificate she pulls from her pocket and flings in his lap, its Joly and Bruno's wedding certificate... and it's still valid.

Garry's PA Michelle Thorn is back from compassionate leave and she is immediately irritated by Anika, who swans in late, suggesting that they swap desks, as she'll now be looking after Garry's more personal needs. Garry steps into the office and gestures for Anika to follow him, mentions her bad time keeping and motions to a plush new sports car handing her the keys suggesting she take him for a ride. It's not long before they pull into a lay-by to christen the car with an al fresco bonnet top session.

Scared of being labelled a bigamist, Bruno wines and dines Joly in an expensive restaurant, stroking her hand, telling her what a great job she's done with the kids and how much he's missed her, all before offering her fifty grand for the wedding certificate and a quickie divorce. Joly's seen right through him and ups the ante; one hundred and fifty grand and she'll give him what he's after. Bruno drops Joly off at the airport and then returns home to tell Lucy he's decided to buy Rees and Yasmin their own place. Meanwhile, Joly decides against returning to Spain and instead, hails a cab and heads off to Oxford Street to flash some cash. Then it's off to spend a few nights enjoying the luxuries, and the hunky bell boys in a top London hotel.

Yamsin is spending the day with Seb when she hears from Joly. She knew her mum would be able to sort Bruno out, there's no way Lucy will be able to get rid of her now. Seb is disappointed when Yasmin takes a rain check on his suggestion that they go back to his place, he's falling for her big style. She's fiercely independent and, unlike other girls, doesn't care two tosses about the fact that he's a Premiership footballer. She's totally different to any girl he's gone out with before.

Oliver is finding it hard cooped up in the flat. A brief and welcome diversion arrives in the champagne and cocaine toting form of his friend Ed, but after he leaves, all he has to do is worry about the amount of time Anika is spending in Garry's company. When he sees the flash new sports car Garry has bought for Anika, Oliver snaps, convinced it's now only a matter of time before his father succeeds in bedding his girlfriend. Anika tells him not to be ridiculous - it's only Garry's money she's interested in, at least until she's finished fleecing him anyway.

As Lucy reluctantly shows the ecstatic twins around their flash new pad, Yasmin delights in telling her that Joly is the one to thank for it. She takes great pleasure in boasting that her mum flew in from Spain especially to sort things out with Bruno over champagne and a cosy meal. Even though she can see that Yasmin is getting off on rubbing her nose in it, Lucy is past boiling point and goes straight home to have it out with Bruno. He disarms her totally by asking her to marry him again - he's arrange for them to renew their vows.

Reluctantly, Anika accompanies Oliver and Ed to a bar, even though she knows its one of Garry's favourite haunts. Just as she feared, Garry is there and even worse, Oliver is unable to resist playing on his father's rather obvious feelings for her. The next day, Garry summons Anika to his office. He's had enough - it's time she left Oliver and moved in with him.