Series 1 Episodes

Episode 1.3

Written by Harriet Warner
Produced by Di Burrows
Directed by Barnaby Southcombe

Harley arranges to go on ahead to Madrid for a medical and believes that Shannon is staying at home. He is actually travelling with Katie. Eager to surprise him, Shannon books herself a ticket and hot foots it to the airport only to bump into Katie. Initially, Shannon believes that their encounter is a coincidence, but when Katie reveals the truth, she is mortified and realises she has lost her husband forever.

Both Rees and Lucy are furious when Bruno gives Yasmin a bundle of cash so that she can buy some new clothes. Although he still stands by his plan to kick the twins out of his house once Angelica's birthday party is out of the way, Lucy is concerned he would prefer to keep Yasmin around. Angry after another row, Rees heads back to his old estate and scores a bag of ecstasy from Cash, his regular dealer. Cash is impressed with Rees's new lifestyle and is full of plans for how they can exploit his new connections to their mutual advantage.

Oliver attends his first therapy session where he reveals that he found his mother dead from a heroin overdose when he was seven-years-old. It is clear that he has no interest in having another session. However, upon joining Garry and Anika for dinner, they get him to agree to a residency at the Cloister Clinic.

Lucy finally reaches the end of her tether with Yasmin when she flatly refuses to get a job. Bruno arrives home to find Lucy steaming drunk having raided the mini-bar. She's furious that he favours Yasmin over Rees. Bruno plays a blinder - it's because Rees reminds him of how he could have turned out.

Although Anika personally delivered Oliver to the clinic, it's not long before he is sat at a bar, glass in hand and with the leaflet for the clinic rolled up into a tube and ready for action. Later, after an afternoon session between the sheets, Garry and Anika are lying in her darkened room. This personal assistant knows just how to keep her new boss happy! But they are both unprepared for the shock they get when a paralytic Oliver returns to the flat and stumbles into bed with them, placing his hand firmly on an arse! Unfortunately, the bottom in question is Garry's and he dare not move for fear of waking his son.

It's Angelica's sixth birthday party at Nabakov's Cocoon. She spots Rees dropping an E and asks him for a sweetie. He tells her to piss off. After a short while, Angelica steals a couple of the pills from his pocket and shoves them in her mouth. Before long, Angelica is giving it large on the dancefloor, dancing manically, sweating heavily and telling Lucy to piss off. When Angelica collapses, Yasmin immediately realises what has happened and throws an evil glare in Rees;s direction - he's got them into a real mess now! An ambulance is called and Angelica is rushed to hospital. Will she pull through?