Series 1 Episodes

Episode 1.2

Written & Produced by Di Burrows
Directed by Barnaby Southcombe

Lucy is overcome with guilt at the prospect of attending Conrad's funeral - how can she face Amber knowing that Bruno is the one responsible for his death? Bruno meanwhile is more concerned about Yasmin and Rees and his plans to take them to the funeral and then introduce them to the press. Conrad's death is major news and questions are being raised about the suspicious circumstances. At the time of one of his darkest hours, Bruno puts a positive spin on the whole situation - his long-lost children have turned up and he's ready to milk it. Although behind closed doors he's desperate to get rid of them as soon as possible.

While Anika prepares for the funeral and the prospect of meeting her sister, Tanya's sworn enemy, Oliver shovels more cocaine up his nose. Her concern for the mess her boyfriend is in soon turns to irritation when Garry turns up, furious because Oliver has written off his precious Bentley. Anika steps in when Garry threatens to cut his son off without a penny and uses her manipulative and flirtatious charm to get him to agree to pay for a therapist for Oliver. But what is Anika's game - as she then puts herself one step closer to Garry by suggesting that she become his 'very' personal assistant.

Amber has invited a very select guest list to Conrad's lavish funeral - featuring a funeral pyre, ashes from which will be carbonised to make a spending diamond ring. Not everything goes to plan though and, when the pyre refuses to light, the guests are asked to throw petrol bombs to set off the blaze properly. At the wake, Amber tries to do a number on Garry, hoping that he'll help her to revive her flagging career by giving her a record deal to release a song that she has written for Conrad. Garry however has more important things on his mind, now that Madrid have lost out on Conrad, they are now interested in signing Harley.

Rees's drunken behaviour at Conrad's wake humiliates Bruno. All he wanted to do was present the perfect family unit to the rest of the world. When Rees spills champagne over Conrad's ashes, Bruno goes ballistic and threatens to kick his wayward son out onto the streets. In contrast, Bruno does seem to be growing an unnatural soft spot for Yasmin, something that hasn't gone unnoticed by Lucy. He's less than pleased when Seb takes a fancy to his daughter and dismissive when Lucy suggests that he buy a flat for the twins, as an investment if nothing else. Bruno may be softening towards Yasmin, but the sooner Rees is out of his life the better.

Although Shannon flatly refuses to consider the idea of moving to Spain, Harley is adamant - he's going to Madrid with or without her. On reflection, Harley is quite pleased with the turn of events as it gives him the chance to make a new start, hopefully with Katie at his side. But then Shannon surprises him with her latest purchase - a speak Spanish CD. She's decided to go to Spain with him!