Series 1 Episodes

Episode 1.12

Written by Harriet Warner
Produced by Di Burrows
Directed by Farren Blackburn

After splitting up the fight between Titania and Chanel, Joly finally notices that the club is full of half naked people. Strip dating may be okay in a brothel, but not in the club that Bruno has trusted her to look after. Oliver and Ed better look for another venue to stage future Chukka Ent. events because their association with Nabakov's Cocoon is over.

Back at the flat, Rees is cracking onto Chanel as Seb arrives home with Yasmin and enough booze to get things flowing. Both couples are gagging for it and ready to move into their bedrooms. But then Joly comes home totally shattered and plonks herself in front of the TV - the ultimate contraceptive! Although she insists that Seb bunks down with Rees and Chanel with Yasmin, it isn't long before the couples swap rooms. Rees is petrified when Chanel pushes him back onto the bed and she quickly susses he's a virgin. He prepares himself for rejection but is stunned when Chanel tells him to get ready for the night of his life!

A friend of theirs is looking for someone to run his club in Ibiza and Ed is determined to get Oliver on the next available flight, he can't stand that Anika is still messing with his mate's head. Oliver makes one last call to Anika, she's shocked he's leaving but arranges to meet at the office so she can drive him to the airport - Garry's in meetings all day so will be none the wiser if she borrows his car. Meanwhile, Michelle has crushed a load of pills into Anika's coffee and is waiting with bated breath for her to drink it while she listens in on her conversation with Oliver. But Anika's on decaf and gives the mug back to her. Now fuming, Michelle begins studiously surfing the net, it's time to put her plans into action.

At Rampant Sounds' underground car park Michelle checks that the coast is clear before jimmying the bonnet of Garry's car. She unfolds an exact diagram of the engine then carefully traces the brake cable, before getting to work a Stanley knife. Back in the office Garry is on a complete rant so Michelle assumes he's found out about Anika and Oliver. As Garry searches for his car keys, Michelle panics, she can't let him get to his car before Anika.

Depressed that Yasmin and Rees have both forgotten her birthday, Joly heads off for some retail therapy. She arrives back at the flat to find that Yasmin, Rees, Chanel and Seb have organised a surprise party for her. As a champagne cork pops, Joly notices Matt and goes to leave. Matt follows and explains that he left the club to show her that he hasn't got a hidden agenda. Now convinced he's genuine, Joly leads him back into the flat.

Anika and Oliver spot Garry racing to head them off in the car park. She hits the brakes then panics as nothing happens. As the car speeds towards him Garry is rooted to the spot when Michelle suddenly pushes him out of the way. Anika has lost all control of the car as her and Oliver speed toward a wall. Moments later, Anika raises her head and is hysterical at the sight of Oliver lying bloody and motionless beside her. Staggering from the car she reels at the sight of Michelle's lifeless body and then urgently rings for an ambulance on her mobile. She turns at the sound of Garry's voice to see a cold and powerful expression on his face. Things are going to be very different from now on.