Series 1 Episodes

Episode 1.11

Written by Helen Childs
Produced by Di Burrows
Directed by Farren Blackburn

Garry's having trouble rising to the occasion with Anika - he's not sure about this baby - but Anika is determined to change his mind. When Michelle arrives at work Anika wastes no time in bragging about her baby plans, causing her to storm into Garry's office. But Garry's pissed-off with Michelle's constant interfering and tells her to get lost. But Michelle is now on a mission.

Yasmin's livid when Joly asks Matt to move into the flat - she's already got her mum cramping her style, she can do without her boyfriend hanging around as well. Rees tells Yasmin not to be too hard on Matt; he's a nice bloke, even if he does have money worries. Yasmin's curious and sneakily rummages through Matt's bag. She pulls out a wad of red bills and memorises the address on them.

Michelle overhears Anika arranging to meet up with Oliver. She finds a spare key for Oliver's flat and is soon on her way over herself. Resting in bed after a passionate reunion, Anika and Oliver are suddenly blinded by the flash of a camera. Michelle has caught them and she has the evidence to prove it. Although Oliver manages to catch her and takes the camera, she's still going to tell Garry what his fiance and son have been up to. But Oliver's got things he can threaten her with too, namely, her revealing to him all about Anika and Garry's baby plans. Once alone, Oliver reassures Anika - now Michelle knows, they might as well break the news to Garry. He's gutted when Anika informs him that she has no intention of leaving his dad.

Yasmin plays detective when she goes to find Matt's old flat and discovers he used to live with a girl called Angie. She wastes no time in telling Joly what she's found out. Joly is quick to confront Matt - she's had her share of piss takers and isn't going to let another one drag her down - it's time he left, she's even packed his bags for him.

Anika is fully prepared to strike a deal with Michelle so heads off to find her. She finds Michelle alone in her flat surrounded by posters of Garry in his rock heyday; in pride of place is a 'Garry Demon' doll standing in a makeshift shrine. When Anika turns up, she clocks the room and the mad shrine - she had come to make a deal but that was before she saw Michelle was a bunny boiling fan!

The strip dating is in full swing! But Titania is bored with Oliver and sets her sights on Rees who is happily chilling out with Chanel. Already pissed off with Titania's snooty attitude, there's no way Chanel's going to let her muscle in on her territory. She punches 'Tits' in the face and a full scale fight explodes.