Series 1 Episodes

Episode 1.10

Written by Helen Childs
Produced by Di Burrows
Directed by Farren Blackburn

Anika's plan to humiliate Garry backfires - it looks like she's made him out to be some sort of stud. Anika can't believe it, and fumes silently. Across the bar, the new babe on Seb's arm is quick to realise that he only has eyes for Yasmin and suggests he use his wallet to get back into his ex-girlfriend's good books. Still fuming, Anika admits she sent the images. Garry loses it and tells her Michelle's turned up some interesting misuse of company funds. Anika responds by blaming the missing cash on Oliver then turns on the waterworks and storms out. Michelle is thrilled because Garry is taking her shopping - for jewellery! Perhaps now Anika seems to be out of the picture, her loyalty might be about to pay off. But she's devastated to discover that the ring Garry's buying isn't for her after all, it's for Anika! He's hoping she'll agree to wipe the slate clean and give him another chance.

Joly and Matt are totally loved up and today they bring Rees home from the hospital. Although she's made up to see her brother well again, Yasmin isn't happy with Matt's presence - there's something about him she just doesn't like. Meanwhile Seb's off buying a flash car. He uses it to bribe Cash to leave Yasmin alone.

Garry takes Anika to a plush hotel to make the grand gesture. He drops the ring into the glass but before he can warn her - Anika unknowingly knocks back her champagne cocktail and immediately begins clutching at her throat. Luckily Garry is on hand to rescue her! Oliver is livid when he finds out about the engagement from the newspaper and tries his best to make her see what a mistake she's making. Anika's not interested, he turned her away when she begged him to take her back, he should consider it as payback.

Cash arrives at Yasmin's flat to say goodbye. He doesn't fit in her new flash lifestyle and has realised it's time for him to let her go. Yasmin is gob-smacked, but doesn't contradict him as he kisses her farewell and then leaves the flat. Outside, Cash climbs into his flash new sports car and then drives off. Yasmin summons Seb. She's full of apologies when he arrives and is relieved when he agrees to take her back.

Ed and Oliver have a gorgeous new client, Zuki, who wants them to arrange a very special sushi party to celebrate a hen night. They rope Matt and Rees in to help with the evening. But Rees is shocked to discover what the job actually involves and promptly legs it, leaving Ed and Oliver to strip naked so Zuki and her butt ugly mates can gobble sushi off their bodies.

While Michelle's in bits, crying, home alone and watching one of Garry's dogging videos, Anika resolves to make her life with Garry complete - what can she give to a man who has everything... a baby perhaps?