Series 1 Episodes

Episode 1.1

Written by Ann McManus & Maureen Chadwick
Produced by Di Burrows
Directed by Barnaby Southcombe

Bruno legs it from the house where he has just mistakenly shot Conrad, as the owner of the house calls for an ambulance. In a fume filled car, Giles suddenly comes to his senses - can he really kill an innocent woman and child? He pulls the garage door open and then watches as from the billowing exhaust fumes; Lucy emerges in a spluttering frenzy. The adrenaline kicks in as she races from the scene with her daughter Angelica and frantically hails a cab.

Back at home, Bruno has just had time to wipe down the gun and return it to the display cabinet when he is interrupted by the door bell. A distraught Lucy, in full wedding regalia returns home with Angelica and pleads with Bruno to forgive her. By this time, Conrad's shooting is all over the evening news, now livid; Bruno tells Lucy that she must provide him with an alibi. Finally putting two and two together she agrees. The police however are looking no further than Giles. They're convinced he's the one responsible for the shooting.

On a local council estate, streetwise twins Yasmin and Rees Salter's mother, Joly, packs her bags and announces that she's leaving to start a new life in Spain. Deciding it's time for Yasmin and Rees to stand on their own two feet, she presents them with a copy of their birth certificate and tells them to go and find their father - none other than Bruno Milligan!

Sprawled naked on an emperor sized bed, wrists tied by silk scarves, Oliver Ryan's wait is over. Tanya Turner's half-sister, Anika Beevor, a sexy blonde clad in equally sexy underwear approaches him, waving a plastic nozzle invitingly. She presses the vacuum cleaner into life with her high heel, approaches the bed and attaches the nozzle between Oliver's legs. As he writhes in the throes of excitement they are interrupted by the ringing of the telephone. Anika answers the phone to Oliver's dad, seventies rock icon Garry Ryan. He's back in London and on the warpath - he's fed up with his coke head son pissing away his money and taking advantage of him and intends to sort him out once and for all. Anika explains that Oliver's a bit tied up and then gets back to business; she's every inch Tanya's younger sister as she fetches an ice bucket to free an agonised Oliver, now in serious pain.

The whole hospital hears the scream when Amber is told that Conrad is dead. Amber is absolutely heartbroken, but not so much she's prepared to face the hordes of waiting press without seeing her hairdresser and make-up artist first. Before the assembled press, she begs for a record producer to come forward and offer her a deal to help her through her grief.

Anika and Oliver learn from the TV news that Garry is the new Chairman of Earls Park FC. Having heard that Amber is trying to push her singing career, Anika becomes convinced that it's only a matter of time before she also tries to get her claws into Garry. She doesn't waste any time in warning him of Amber's motives. Despite the fact that she's speaking to her boyfriend's father, the sexual tension in the room is obvious.

Bruno is on a high. Now Conrad's dead, there's no chance of him telling the police what really happened. His wife and daughter are back at home where they belong and he's just been made Earls Park's new captain - life is beginning to look up. But the grin is wiped off his face when the doorbell rings. Petrified it's the police come to arrest him; Bruno doesn't know how to react when he discovers his long-lost son and daughter standing on the doorstep. Meanwhile, Giles's dead body is found hanging from a tree.