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Chanel O'Grady

Chanel O'Grady

Played by
Dominique Moore

Yasmin's best mate and the youngest of a large clan, she works at the local discount store and makes a bit extra by knocking stuff off and flogging it on, whilst dreaming of the day she'll be a model/pop star.

Chanel's not so much of a looker as Yasmin but makes up for it by being louder. She's not had it quite as tough as Yasmin either, coming from a basically cheerful home, so lacks the hard edge of her best mate but - but God help anyone who takes the mick'. If truth be told, Chanel's a teeny bit jealous of Yasmin's recent spot of good luck, but finds it impossible to hold this grudge for long as she hopes there'll be something in it for her.

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