Series 5 Episodes

Episode 5.7

Written by Roxanne Harvey
Produced by Cameron Roach
Directed by Martin Hutchings

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Tanya is victorious; she's won the battle with Eva so now has Brazilian lover boy Paulo all to herself. Paulo's proving pretty insatiable in the bedroom department too so all in all, things are looking good. Tanya is itching to show off though and so, to celebrate her and Paulo's union, she's decided to host a Brazilian fiesta in their brand new luxury pad. However, life isn't all fun, fun, fun, a girl does have to keep an eye on her investments, in this case, the shares that she owns in Earls Park. Turning up at the training ground in a sexy red suit may get Garry Ryan's juices flowing, but it has the opposite effect on jealous Paulo - he's furious when Tanya swans into the team changing room to a chorus of wolf-whistles from the lads.

Blind Roger is struggling to cope with his disability and Jackie is frustrated watching him crash about with his white stick. Roger is surprisingly upbeat however and concentrates on dreaming up new team formations with the aid of his Dictaphone. Meanwhile, emboldened by press speculation that he may be offered a job as player-coach, Bruno pops along to see Garry and offers to do the job on his current wages. To a tight-arse like Garry, this is a dream result... all he has to do now is break the news to Roger.

Trisha returns home with a blinding tan, gushing about being touched by the Virgin at Lourdes. But Shannon is suspicious, why do all of her duty free fags have Spanish labels? Realising that something dodgy is afoot, she keeps banging on at Trisha to make an appointment with her consultant for a check-up. Now in a blind panic, Trisha visits the local hospital and steals some scan results to prove to Shannon and an elated Callum that her cancer is gone for good. A few well-placed technical questions see Trisha floundering and Shannon's suspicions mounting. She gets in touch with a journalist, determined to expose Trisha's lies. Callum is incensed when he picks up a newspaper the following morning - how could Trisha do this to him? He throws her out of the house and tells her that he never wants to see her again.

Since being chucked out of the marital home, Liberty has snorted so much coke, her nose has started to pack in. Tre is in no mood to listen when she turns up at the house and begs him to take her back, but when the blood starts gushing from her hooter he is forced to take care of her. She pleads with Tre to give her another chance - she can't cope without him. Seeing her in such a state plucks at Tre's heart-strings and before long, passion begins to take over.

Now that he's Earls Park's new player-manager, Bruno is full of himself and can't wait to break the news to Lucy. But Lucy has a bombshell of her own to drop - she's pregnant. Bruno is over-the-moon, but his happiness soon turns to fury when Lucy announces that she's decided to have an abortion. Bruno's promotion is the final nail in Roger's coffin, so Jackie sets off to confront Garry - surely her hubby deserves some dignity after his loyalty to Earls Park. But when Garry gets Jackie in his clutches he spikes her drink. Soon, all mentions of dignity are lost as Jackie makes a true ass of herself!

The Fiesta kicks off carnival style and everyone is pleased to hear that Garry is too busy to attend. Liberty and Tre are back together, the happy couple once again, but while they have managed to sort their relationship out, it looks like Callum and Shannon may be finished. During a confrontation with the journalist who stitched up his mum, Callum is told that Shannon was the one who tipped her off in the first place. In a kamikaze mood, Callum gets pissed and makes a fool of himself by trying to make a pass at Tanya. Although Tanya laughs it off, Paulo sees red and sets about trashing the house and her flashy sports car. What has she got herself into?

Roger meanwhile has slipped out of the party unseen. He takes a taxi to the Earls Park ground and soaks up the atmosphere. Garry comes across Roger and they fight about Roger's attempt to rape Jackie. When Roger threatens to take his suspicions that Darius was nobbled to the press, Garry realises that it's time for drastic measures. Spotting an out of order lift, he guides Roger over to it. When the doors open, an unwitting Roger steps in and plummets to his death.