Series 5 Episodes

Episode 5.6

Written by Liz Lake
Produced by Cameron Roach
Directed by David Kerr

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Tanya Turner despises Eva de Wolffe. Not only does Eva have the man she wants but she's also vindictively splashed dreadful photos of Tanya throughout her magazine 'Glam'. As Tanya mutters to herself venomously, Eva can't resist gloating over the unflattering images of her rival.

Now that Urszula has exited her life, Liberty has thrown herself into her marriage. But Tremaine is inexplicably avoiding her and she can't understand why. Liberty discusses her problem with Lucy and Shannon during a girl's night out. When they both point out that the 'spark' usually disappears after marriage, she decides it's time to spice things up between her and Tre in the bedroom department. Tre arrives home to find Liberty dressed up as a sexy referee, brandishing a yellow card in his direction. But when Tre rejects her yet again, Liberty finally snaps. Tre has also reached the end of his tether and also lets rip - he knows exactly what went on between his new bride and her so-called PA.

Callum and Shannon have created the 'Trisha Watson Trust' and have organised a charity auction to raise money for it. Eva has volunteered to host the auction at her opulent mansion and the rest of the Earls Park team are delighted to be supporting such a worthwhile cause. One of the lots at the auction is dinner at the Ivy with Paulo and it's no surprise when Eva and Tanya become locked in a frantic bidding war. Lucy is fully aware of what Tanya is up to and, when the bidding reaches the scary heights of one million pounds, urges her friend to pull out. Eva is thrilled when she also secures some fantastic opera tickets for her and Paulo, but her jubilation soon turns to fury when she spots Tanya and Paulo together. Even Eva can see the chemistry, but that doesn't mean that she will step aside.

Lucy is thrilled that the outfits she created for Liberty and Tremaine went for such a high price at the auction but is disappointed to discover that the bidder was Bruno. He's desperate to win her back but Lucy is enjoying her newfound independence too much to go back to him. That night, she goes to Milligans Hall to collect Angelica and allows Bruno to talk her into sharing a bottle of wine with him. The following morning, it seems like all of her nightmares have come true when she wakes up in bed with him. Bruno is newly enthused by their night of passion and now even more desperate to make it up with her but she's worried about him slipping back into his own ways.

On opera night, Eva and Paulo make a glamorous entrance before settling in to their box with champagne. But then Paulo spots that Tanya is sitting in the box opposite. He has desperately been trying to suppress his attraction to Tanya, but his loyalty to Eva can only restrain him to a certain point and with Tanya making herself so available, it's only a matter of time before the opera is forgotten and the couple begin to make their own entertainment. Eva is concerned when Paulo doesn't return and, as she scans the hall to catch sight of him, she notices that the curtains are twitching in the box opposite. She may be furious to discover her darling Paulo in flagrante, but Tanya is euphoric - he's bound to dump the evil old woman now. But Eva still has a few tricks up her sleeve and begins to whisper to Paulo in Portuguese and his reaction is startling when she utters the word 'Marcelo'. Tanya is shocked when Paulo meekly follows Eva like a lamb.

Trisha is aghast when Callum announces his intention to quit football so that he can spend as much time as possible with her during her final days. Pretending to have terminal cancer may have allowed her back into her darling boy's life, but she could never have predicted that he'd be prepared to junk his one and only chance at the big time in response. Shannon is also hugely worried about Callum's decision and for once, the two women are united in their desperation. Seeing that Callum's mind is made up, Trisha announces her intention to take a trip to Lourdes - maybe miracles can happen. Callum is unconvinced, but still, he agrees to put off handing in his resignation until she returns. Later, he and Shannon drop Trisha off at the airport, unaware that she's really heading off to the Costa del Sol.

Tanya is determined to get to the bottom of the hold Eva has over Paulo and does some digging on the Internet. When she spots an old photograph of Eva with a young, facially deformed Brazilian boy called Marcelo, the penny drops. Later, she makes a startling discovery - Eva is Paulo's adoptive mother! Having uncovered such a dark secret, Tanya is convinced that she can use it as a form of blackmail to persuade Eva to release Paulo from her clutches. But she realises she may have made a mistake when she finds herself at the mercy of Eva's evil streak. After disabling Paulo with the aid of a garden implement, she turns on Tanya. Paulo comes round in time to see Eva in the act of throttling Tanya and steps in to intervene. This is the final straw - he's had enough of Eva's controlling ways and vicious temper and is leaving her for good.

While Lucy sits in her bathroom, coming to terms with the fact that her pregnancy test is positive, Eva is in her mansion. She may have lost Paulo to Tanya, but she's not alone. Luckily Mama has another poor orphan boy, Klaus, to service her every sordid whim.