Series 5 Episodes

Episode 5.3

Written by Liz Lake
Produced by Cameron Roach
Directed by Jim Loach

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Amber is cranking up the psychological torture on Bruno and she has got him exactly where she wants him. Amber is playing the devastated widow to perfection but behind closed doors she is twisting the knife - Bruno is just a pawn in her game. Suffering terrifying nightmares and flashbacks, Bruno is fast losing his grip on reality, and his sanity. His erratic behaviour has also been noticed by Roger and Garry and, over lunch he is devastated when he learns that he has lost his captaincy in favour of Tremaine. It's enough to send him over the edge and Amber couldn't be happier - revenge is so sweet.

Liberty has turned down Tre's offer of marriage and her refusal has left him feeling confused and angry. Liberty is feigning a reluctance to commit but secretly is far more interested in Urszula who seems to be remarkably ambivalent about Tre's habit of turning up to spoil their fun. During the photo shoot in Paris, Liberty is alarmed when she witnesses Urszula having a lively and animated conversation with a beautiful woman. Despite Urszula's assurances that nothing untoward was going on, Liberty is left feeling jealous and insecure.

Shannon is still stinging from the humiliation of Callum's mother, Trisha, walking in to find her stripped to her underwear. She turns up on Trisha's doorstep armed with a large bunch of flowers and determined to make amends. But Trisha's not interested - she doesn't want a slapper like Shannon sniffing around her son. Trisha spews out one insult too many and Shannon storms off with Callum screaming apologies at her retreating back - he can't believe that his mother has blown his chances with the woman of his dreams.

Lucy can't help blushing while measuring up the well proportioned Tremaine for a bespoke designer suit. At last her career is soaring and she has done it on her own. In fact, the only fly in the ointment is Amber's worrying obsession with questioning Angelica about what really happened when she and mummy went 'shopping' on the day of Conrad's shooting. Lucy begins to suspect that Amber may know more about Conrad's shooting than she's letting on and when she hears that Bruno is suffering from a delayed "grief reaction", she realises that something very sinister is going on.

Bruno's mood improves when he finally gets rid of the shotgun by slicing it up with an angle grinder. But then he gets a call on his mobile phone from Conrad and loses it. Of course, what he doesn't know is that it's Amber using Conrad's SIMM card in her own phone. As soon as she's satisfied that Bruno is crapping himself, she flushes the chip down the toilet. Bruno arrives home in a state and is soon dosing himself up on Amber's sleeping tablets. Later, he goes to see Lucy and pours his heart out to her. She orders him to get a grip - if he goes down, he'll drag her down with him.

Roger and Jackie find themselves in hot water when they attend one of Garry's infamous parties. The pool is inviting, the guests friendly and welcoming and the champagne flowing. But when the party takes a swinging turn they are both suddenly out of their depth. Roger doesn't know where to look when Garry starts snorting coke from a naked woman's breasts, but he's soon hampered by the drug-laced canap├ęs and is unable to resist when a bikini clad babe tempts him into the pool. Meanwhile, Jackie gets the shock of her life when Garry drops his trousers in front of her and expects her to get stuck in. Both Webbs leave the party in disgust.

Callum ignores his mum and takes Shannon on another date in order to apologise. The young couple are unable to keep their hands off each other and it isn't long before she drags him back to her place for a night between the sheets.

Lucy realises what Amber is up to and, after arranging to meet her elsewhere, turns up at Milligans Hall to find Bruno in a state. The two of them break into Amber's meditation room and are appalled with what they discover. Meanwhile, Callum arrives home to find that Trisha, a diabetic, has collapsed on the kitchen floor. As he panics and goes in search of chocolate, she smiles - looks like she's got him exactly where she wants him.