Series 5 Episodes

Episode 5.2

Written by Joanne McAndrew
Produced by Cameron Roach
Directed by Richard Signy

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Amber has settled into Milligans Hall as the new lady of the manor and Earls Park's new golden couple seem to have it all. But Bruno is totally unaware that Amber is masterminding an evil vengeance, and now she has unearthed the gun that shot Conrad, she has everything she needs to make his life a living hell. Her psychological terror campaign begins when Bruno walks out into the garden to find the lawn covered in holes. Amber blithely blames the local mole population, enjoying the look of sheer panic on his face.

Liberty and Urzula have a close call when Tremaine arrives home earlier than expected. Tremaine's concerned about Darius, not least because the accident has made him think about just how easily the same thing could happen to him. Liberty comforts him, but it doesn't take long for him to become amorous. Urszula appears at the doorway and lingers when she sees what is going on. But the look on her face displays nothing of the jealousy one would expect to see, in fact, she seems quite pleased.

Darius is propped up in hospital with a broken leg after his 'accident' down the nightclub stairs. His future in football looks bleak but both he and Roger are trying to remain optimistic. However, cold hearted Garry has other ideas - he can't wait to dump Darius from the team and take the big insurance payout the club is due. Poor Darius is forced to watch Garry announcing that he has been dumped from the team on the television news. Roger meanwhile quickly becomes convinced that Garry knows a lot more about Darius's accident than he is letting on, but during the confrontation that follows, Garry hands him a vast cheque and makes a point of reminding him where his loyalties should lie.

Shannon, Lucy and Liberty head off to a nightclub. What promises to be a good girls' night out turns into a test of patience when one rough diamond in particular, Callum Watson makes a show of chatting up Shannon - he's got all of her posters! Shannon's secretly flattered but gives him the cold shoulder - she can hardly date an obsessive fan. Meanwhile, Lucy works on Liberty and manages to talk the supermodel into commissioning one of her designs.

Liberty is thrilled when Urszula organises a weekend away in Paris for them both, it's been hard getting time alone now that Tremaine is out of prison. But the girls are in for a surprise when he turns up unexpectedly at their hotel. Luckily for them, he's too caught up in planning his own surprise to notice anything untoward and Liberty receives a second shock when he presents her with a massive engagement ring.

Shannon is shocked to discover that Callum the saddo fan is actually the Sparks' latest signing. In a bid to apologise for her frostiness at the club she agrees to go on a date with him. Callum is over the moon when Shannon arrives at his house, after settling her down in the living room; he heads upstairs to get something. Shannon is so keen to make herself look as sexy as possible for his return that she ends up stripping down to her lacy underwear. She can't believe it when Callum arrives back... with his mother in tow!

After spending half the night digging up the garden in search of the shotgun, Bruno's nerves are frazzled. But at least he knows that the gun is safe and sound in Angelica's playhouse. However, there's another big surprise in store when he checks the messages on his answer phone and finds one from Conrad! After a panicked call from Bruno, Amber dials the house number and deletes the message remotely. Bruno can't understand it - he was sure that he heard Conrad's voice. Later that night when he awakes to find the shotgun lying beside him in his and Amber's bed, he becomes convinced that Conrad is coming after him from beyond the grave... either that or he's losing his mind!