Series 4 Episodes

Episode 4.9

Written by Liz Lake
Produced by Cameron Roach
Directed by Roberto Bangura

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Bruno insists that Lucy wear her necklace at all times, to show that they've moved on from the bad times and that she can trust him. Lucy is touched and begins to believe that they've turned a corner. She confides in Amber over lunch and tells her that it's all over between her and Giles. Amber meanwhile is preoccupied with Conrad's imminent move to Spain and is full of plans to topple Hazel. During the lunch, Lucy drops her necklace and amongst the scattered pieces, sees the tracking device. Surely Bruno wouldn't stoop so low... would he? Lucy is enraged - it's the final straw. She's off and she's taking Angelica with her, but how will she manage to leave her prison of a home?

Bruno has organized a shooting party and wants Lucy to play the part of the doting wife and threatens to tell their lawyer that she's been hitting Angelica if she doesn't. Soon, their estate is awash with 4X4s, tweed and double barrelled shot guns as all the players and their partners descend. Hazel's new squeeze Jools causes a stir as she struts down the driveway with legs up to her armpits - she's an international tennis pro - no wonder Hazel's looking pleased with herself! Shannon tries her hand at shooting, only to be winded by the recoil of her gun. She toughs it out - thank heavens for her implants or she could have been really hurt! Seb takes the opportunity to have a quiet word in Jackie's ear about the possibility of a repeat performance. After all, he's getting on so much better with his dad now that he's also playing with his favourite toy.

Lucy makes a daring escape and runs straight to Giles. Bruno is furious when he discovers that Lucy has taken his precious daughter, but now that Lucy has destroyed the last of his tracking devices, he has no idea where to even start looking for her. Later, he interrupts Conrad and Amber at dinner. Amber denies all knowledge of Lucy's whereabouts, but is so worried by Bruno's display of temper that she decides to warn Lucy. But when Amber goes to the hospital where Giles works to get his address, she's deeply disturbed to discover that all is not as it seems.

Shannon is still feeling unwell when she meets Bethany for lunch but manages to soldier on. Harley's also got a lunch date - it's Katie! When Harley's phone rings, he thinks its Shannon calling and ignores it, kissing Katie instead. But what he doesn't know is that it's Bethany - Shannon's collapsed. Harley races to the hospital to be told that the impact from the gun recoiling into Shannon's implant has ruptured a blood vessel. She's been very lucky, but she'll be fine now that they've removed the implant. Harley is guilty and relieved, but when he sees Shannon, he can't believe that all she cares about is being a 34A again.

As Lucy revels in her new loving relationship, she finds a photograph of a woman who looks remarkably like herself. Quickly, she realises that all is not right - why has Giles appeared with a wedding dress, and why does he keep calling her Magda? Lucy's day is about to get a lot worse when Giles announces that they're to be married. And what's more, he's locked all of the doors and cut the phone line. Giles is marrying her to a homemade wedding video - with him as the vicar and the guests. Lucy is drowsy from the drugs that Giles has given her and doesn't quite understand why he keeps talking about them all taking a long journey together.

Amber's confident of toppling Hazel from her position as Chair of Earls Park and starts telling anyone who'll listen that Hazel is an alcoholic and therefore unfit to run the club. However, it seems that this time Ambers has met her match. Hazel has decided that she wants out anyway, and, much to her rival's chagrin, she's lined up her own replacement. Meanwhile, Noah gives up trying to pretend to himself and goes to a gay sauna. Desperate for a man, he gets more than he bargained for when he sees Tim through the steam.

Amber finally comes clean to Conrad about Giles and her concerns for his mental health. Conrad races over to see Bruno and together, they head off in search for Lucy. Unbeknown to Conrad, Bruno is carrying a shotgun in the boot. Meanwhile, Giles uses Magda's car to take Lucy and Angelica with him on his final journey. He switches on the engine and waits for the blissful end just as Conrad and Bruno pull up outside the house. Bruno goes straight round to the back of the house while Conrad discovers that the hospital have given them the wrong address. But when Conrad races off to tell Bruno, Bruno mistakes him for Giles and shoots him. As Bruno starts to panic, the fumes begin to fill the car... is this the end for Lucy and Angelica?