Series 4 Episodes

Episode 4.8

Written by Guy Picot
Produced by Cameron Roach
Directed by Roberto Bangura

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Lucy is horrified when she spots Giles in Nabakov's Cocoon - is he stalking her? Bruno is suspicious when he sees them talking and bars Giles from the club for flirting with his wife. As time passes, Lucy's friendship with Giles continues to blossom and she finds it hard to hide her growing attraction to him, especially because he's so different to her brute of a husband. Bruno's sixth sense is tingling like mad - he knows that his wife is up to something and probably with the guy he chucked out of the club. However, Lucy is becoming expert at covering her tracks and even when Bruno snoops through the call register on her mobile phone he finds no evidence of any wrongdoing.

Roger and Jackie's marriage has hit crisis point and Seb's determined to twist the knife even further. But Roger's too worried about work to notice that his son is stirring things behind his back. As things continue to deteriorate at Earls Park, Roger takes the drastic step of offering Hazel his resignation. But the club is too deep in the financial mire to afford a new manager so she refuses to accept, assuring him that she'll sort out whatever problems he's having with Conrad. Over lunch, Hazel notices that Jackie is withdrawn and assumes that she is worrying about Roger's job. When Hazel tries to reassure her, she bursts into tears and reveals all about her troubled marriage. Later, Jackie arrives home to find that Roger is waiting to make things up to her. Seb watches on as the two fall into each other's arms.

At a sponsor's dinner, Roger and Conrad find that they are both barely able to contain their mutual dislike. While Jackie tries to pour oil on troubled waters, Amber is busy regaling Conrad with her assumption that Roger is having an affair. At Jackie's instigation, Roger approaches Conrad and is furious when his Captain informs him that he now knows exactly why the manager is throwing his weight around on the pitch - his wife is going around telling everyone that he can't get it up! Roger makes his excuses and drags Jackie out of the building before abandoning her in the car-park. Distraught, Jackie returns home, straight into the arms of her 'caring' step-son. Seb is delighted. He's got Jackie right where he wants her and wastes no time in plying her with drinks to drown her sorrows.

Lucy and Bruno spend a romantic night together, but his talk of having more children worries her and she can't resist sneaking downstairs to speak to Giles in the chatroom whilst Bruno sleeps. When Lucy leaves the room, Bruno's eyes snap open and he follows her downstairs. A very nervous Lucy tells him that she's doing some late night shopping. The following day, Lucy meets Giles and tells him it's all over - she's too scared of what Bruno might do if he found out about them. Later, Bruno presents Lucy with a necklace to apologise for his recent behaviour - maybe Lucy has made the right decision after all. But what she doesn't realize is that the necklace is fitted with a device that enables Bruno to track her every move on his laptop.

After a hazy night, Jackie wakes in shock to see Seb leaving her room - naked. She doesn't remember a thing - she couldn't possibly have... could she? Later, when Roger returns home armed with a bunch of flowers, what can Jackie do but forgive him? After all, she has just slept with his son. Meanwhile, Amber is thrilled when she finds out 'Bhangra Bootie' is at number six in the charts, but things aren't looking so great for Conrad - he's being sold to Madrid! Amber is mortified - how on earth can she carry on with her pop career if they move?