Series 4 Episodes

Episode 4.7

Written by Liz Lake
Produced by Cameron Roach
Directed by S.J. Clarkson

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Shannon is lapping up her life as a celebrity, but her over enthusiastic goodwill gesture of 'Adopting a Granny' has backfired. Mrs Birkeham looks like she has her slippers well under the table. After being woken up yet again by another song from Mrs Birkeham's hero, Lionel Blair, Harley pleads with Shannon to show the pesky pensioner the door, but she refuses. There are sighs of relief all round when filming wraps on the documentary and Shannon and Harley can finally get rid of Mrs Birkeham. As a final token of goodwill they arrange a party and invite a very special guest - Lionel Blair. But the excitement proves too much for the pensioner's dicky heart and she collapses and tragically dies.

Seb asks Jackie why she kissed him. Furiously, Jackie accuses him of using the fact that he was drunk to take advantage of her. Having ruffled Jackie's feathers, Seb continues with his plan to destroy the Webb family unit and gives baby Paddy some felt-tip pens and Roger's most prized scrap-book. The inevitable of course happens and Jackie is distraught when she finds Roger smacking poor Paddy. When Roger storms out, Seb is on hand to console his step-mum, all the while hiding his glee at driving a wedge between the newly-weds.

The lads lose the game and are out of Europe. Roger blames Bruno, but Conrad is blaming management. Frustrated and angry, Roger completely loses it and throws a shampoo bottle at Conrad. Afterwards, Jackie does her best to console her husband but she hasn't really forgiven him for hitting Paddy. Seb feels vindicated by the Sparks' loss - Roger should have played him. But his smug smile is like a red rag to Roger's bull. To everyone else, it looks like the manager is losing it. Bruno meanwhile is worried about the financial implications of an early exit from Europe and Lucy can only console him as he cries like a baby.

Seb continues to stir things up at home by telling Jackie the truth about his steroid use, spinning the story so that he comes out looking hard done by. Annoyed that Roger has been lying to her, Jackie tells him that he must stop punishing Seb for his mistake - he has to move on or risk drawing attention to the situation. Roger can't argue with Jackie's logic, but he's sick of people telling him what to do and blows up at her. Seb is well pleased when Jackie goes to spend the night in the spare room. The following day, Jackie receives a heart-shaped necklace and a 'sorry' note, but her heart sinks when she realises that it isn't from Roger, but Seb. When she goes to tell Seb to take the necklace back, she's disconcerted to find him naked.

Lucy thinks that she has at last found a soul mate. She knows that the likelihood of meeting a genuine man over the Internet is full of risk, but when it comes down to the crunch, can she really go through with it? Lucy finds Giles's sensitivity a breath of fresh air and there's a definite spark between them. When they meet again for a pleasure cruise down the Thames, Giles tells an increasingly smitten Lucy about his wife's death in a car accident. Later, she goes to meet Bruno at Nabakov's Cocoon only to find a surprise guest there too - it's Giles!