Series 4 Episodes

Episode 4.5

Written by Liz Lake
Produced by Cameron Roach
Directed by Roberto Bangura

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Harley is struggling with Shannon's constant desire for celebrity. The couple are now the subject of a fly on the wall documentary and Harley has just woken to find a camera crew in his bedroom! Things get worse when Shannon brings Erika and the crew to see the lads train. Roger isn't too happy to see them, especially as he's busy showing off his son, Seb's talents to Hazel. Seb is putting 110% into training. It's obvious he's desperate to receive even the smallest word of praise from his dad.

Amber is reigning supreme now that Tanya has been sent packing. Conrad is determined to win back her affections but she has no time for a reconciliation - she's off to meet Peter Andre to convince him to record a single with her. However, Amber's meeting with Peter starts disastrously. It seems that no one informed Peter that Conrad wasn't going to be there - Amber can't believe it - hasn't his agent told him about her idea for a duet? Peter is polite but firm, she's just not cool enough. Jealous Conrad isn't too pleased when he sees the two together and fists soon start to fly. When Peter walks out, Amber tears a strip off Conrad and accuses him of ruining everything for her.

At last Amber is given the chance to be a pop princess when she is asked to record 'Bhangra Bootie', a single for a top record producer. Conrad organises a special celebration dinner and finally, Amber seems to be melting towards him. Predictably, Amber is in her element as a haughty diva, but she's in for a shock when she tries to sack Surjut, the director of the song's video and discovers that the single is only being made because Conrad is paying for it! Although initially furious, she forgives Conrad when he explains that he did it to give her a chance to shine.

Seb's made up when Roger picks him as a substitute for the upcoming match. It looks like he might have a good chance of getting a game when Roger and Harley discover Darius crying in the shower. Although they miss Darius on the pitch, the Sparks seem to come alive in the second half when Roger brings Seb on. When Seb scores and the Sparks win, Roger is bursting with pride. However, the smile quickly disappears from his son's face when the drug-testers arrive. Roger picks up on Seb's relief when he is not called in for a test - it seems that there may be a reason for his son's enhanced performance.

Shannon is gutted when she discovers that none of the wives watched her documentary, and feels even more left out of things when she finds out that Lucy is holding a Bhangra themed launch at Nabakov's Cocoon for Amber's single. Shannon finds the whole thing increasingly hard to swallow until she sees some of the foreign staff she met during the filming of her documentary - but why are the police taking them away? It turns out that Bruno's been cutting corners. He's definitely not impressed with Shannon - he could end up ruined!

Noah is in a mess over his sexuality and is finding it increasingly difficult to suppress Bethany's insatiable desire. Realising he's going to have to take some drastic action if he's ever to be 'cured' of being gay, he sticks a gay porn film on the TV and picks up a staple gun... maybe it's time for a bit of aversion therapy.