Series 4 Episodes

Episode 4.3

Written by Ann McManus & Maureen Chadwick
Produced by Cameron Roach
Directed by Laurence Moody

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Lucy wakes up to the realisation that Bruno has burnt all of her clothes. He knows that if she wants to leave the house without his permission again, she must do so in her pyjamas. Lucy however has other ideas and puts together a home-made outfit to wear while she goes shopping for new clothes. But the brave smile is wiped from he face when Bruno comes home and sets light to her new clothes too! She tries to fight him, but during the struggle she falls to the ground and hurts her hand. Lucy is horrified when she sees her daughter in the background... Angelica's witnessed it all.

Amber takes the bottle she found in Pundarik's changing bag to a pathologist and her suspicions are confirmed - her son was smothered in fake tan when he died! Amber pleads with Conrad to get a DNA test done on Troy to prove that Tanya is his mother. Conrad responds by threatening to have her sectioned - she's already paternity tested him, what more does she need? At the christening, Hazel is finding Tanya’s saintly act with Amber bewildering to say the least. Hazel also has her eye on Noah who has arrived at the christening with Bethany. Noah is nervous about the prospect of becoming godfather to Troy, but Bethany is confident in him - and her dad thinks he's great too, especially after receiving a great big cheque.

The mood at the christening is shattered when Amber takes to the podium to drop her bombshell. Brandishing the new report from the pathologist, she informs the congregation that Tanya fake-tanned Pundarik to hide the fact that she had swapped him with her son, Troy. Once again, Tanya switches to saintly mode and manages to come out on top - hasn't she been good taking in Amber like that when she's clearly mental? As an inconsolable Amber takes off with Conrad in close pursuit, Shannon decides that it's time to cut Bruno down to size. In front of everyone, she tells Lucy that her husband was shagging around in Spain. Lucy is horrified and later, demands a divorce. Bruno manages to talk her round eventually, but is forced to agree to her terms - she wants help around the house and a job of her own.

Noah feigns enthusiasm when Bethany hints at an early night back at his house - he's about to discover what it's like to be with a women - whether he wants to or not! Darius also thinks that he's about to strike lucky with Katie and takes her to see his new boat. Katie discovers that Darius's sea legs disappear as soon as they leave the marina, but even so, he's still intent on some action - she can't go until she's met the skipper! Katie experiences another flashback - it was Darius who raped her and now she's all alone with him! She manages to knock him out, and when he comes round, Darius finds that he's tied to a chair.

Conrad finds Amber at Pundarik's grave doing the unthinkable - she's trying to dig him up and refuses to stop until he promises to have a maternity test done on Troy. Back at home, Tanya is beginning to panic and decides to sleep next to Troy's cot in case Amber comes to grab him. Conrad takes the opportunity to take a sample from Troy. When Tanya awakes, Conrad proposes to her and she realises that all of the lying and manipulation has been worth it - she's never been so happy. Neither has Amber, who sits in her Jacuzzi and waits for the inevitable.