Series 3 Episodes

Episode 3.9

Written by Harriet Warner
Produced by Sean O'Connor
Directed by Julie Edwards

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Conrad breaks the news of Amber's pregnancy to Tanya. It is a big blow for Tanya who has a personal quest to secure Conrad for herself.

Today is the day of the biggest game in Earls Park's history, and Roger Webb boasts of further financial incentives if they win. The cash is music to Kyle Pascoe's ears, but first he has the police to deal with and they are determined to get an answer before he steps onto the pitch.

Meanwhile, Noah finds himself on the subs bench despite being on better form than ever - could this be homophobia from his own manager Roger, now he has been publicly outed?

The footballers' wives gather for a pre-match bitch but Tanya isn't feeling one hundred percent and even a cheeky line in the toilet fails to pep her up. Young Shannon arrives fresh and eager from yet another photo shoot - will she stop at nothing to get in the papers? The lunch is suddenly disturbed when Amber gatecrashes to boast about her baby news, but Tanya is quick to snap that she and Conrad are moving in together. The words sting Amber - who thought she held the winning card. She is now determined to finish Tanya - once and for all.

Back at his mansion, Kyle Pascoe has lost everything - his job, his wife, his cars and money. All he has left is his mind - but when the men in white coats arrive - it soon looks like he has lost even that!

The series draws to an end and Tanya is back where she belongs - on the arm of the club captain, and no one is going to steal her crown. But when a parcel arrives unexpectedly at the house it seems that her world could fall apart after all.