Series 3 Episodes

Episode 3.7

Written by Liz Lake
Produced by Sean O'Connor
Directed by Dominic Santana

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Frank Laslett is now dead and buried and wife Tanya loves playing the glamorous widow! Life is for living, and her bank balance is now riding high again - thanks to her inheritance!

Meanwhile, Amber Gates has been thrown out of her marital home and is seeking solace in stalking Tanya. She is fixated by revenge and is hard at work stabbing a 'Tanya' voodoo doll.

Elaine can't face being around Kyle, now that he has let her down so badly, but Kyle is desperate to win her back. And it's not long before he invites her to live with him. But first they will have to break the news to the manager, Roger Webb and it's unlikely he will take it well.

Amber is sick with anger but her life takes a further downturn when she meets her agent for lunch. He's got some bad news for her, and to make matters worse, bitches Tanya and Hazel are within earshot. But Amber doesn't give up on her fight against Tanya so easily. After a quick call to her friends at the local constabulary she soon arranges for her to be stopped dead in her tracks!

Meanwhile, Amber's bizarre actions are an irritation to Tanya, rather than a threat. She is more concerned with beautifying herself to seduce Conrad over dinner. But when she books in for a sun bed at the local tanning salon, she fails to notice Amber enter in disguise just after her.

Poor Noah has fallen in love with his captain! But newly single Conrad explains he is just after a bit of fun. This is too much for Noah whose actions soon land him in big trouble with the club owner Hazel.

Kyle and Elaine are happily in love and he gives her a dress as a token of his affection. But unbeknown to Elaine it previously belonged to late wife Chardonnay and the tabloids are about to have a field day when she wears it to a premiere!

Later, Kyle takes a step further into the underworld when he discovers an illegal Fight Club. It is far more exciting than the gambling on his computer! Soon Kyle finds himself going round for round against one of the prized fighters. But can he come out a winner?