Series 3 Episodes

Episode 3.6

Written by Liz Lake
Produced by Sean O'Connor
Directed by Dominic Santana

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Frank's new lease of life continues to surprise him; he has never felt fitter. His renewed energy is frustrating wife Tanya, as by rights Frank should be fading fast under her harsh regime of sex and Viagra. But Tanya soon has other plans to occupy her, she knows her arch enemy Amber has lied about her abduction and all she needs to do is prove it to Conrad.

Meanwhile, unsuspecting Conrad couldn't be happier. His darling wife Amber is back safely after her terrifying kidnap ordeal. But as they rekindle their love for each other, a trace of guilt starts spreading across Amber's face. She knows Conrad must never discover the truth about her kidnap.

Kyle Pascoe is in love for the first time since the death of his wife Chardonnay; and the new girl in his life is his physiotherapist Elaine. To celebrate his feelings, he has planned a surprise day out for them both at the races! Excitement builds when his prize horse, Vin Blanc is led to the starting gates to run the next race. Elaine's concerns about his gambling habit are soon diffused with false promises and champagne. But secretly Kyle has a lot more riding on this race than Elaine realises, though even he is unaware of how much he could lose.

It turns into a terrible day for Kyle - could his life get any worse? He's an injured footballer with a dead wife and a gambling addiction! Mum Jackie is soon taking the full force of his pent up anger. Could violence be another factor in Kyle's life spiralling out of control?

It looks like the end of the road for the star couple Conrad and Amber Gates when their relationship dissolves of all trust, but Amber will do anything to claw her way back into his life and she's got a secret phone call to make. However, the Earls Park captain Conrad doesn't hang around and has already focused his attentions on someone else for his amusement. It could be fun as they both play for the same side!

Later, as Tanya and Frank unite between the sheets her plan finally takes shape. In mid passion, Frank stretches out for the heart pills which are just out of his gasping reach. But what a shame! His wife Tanya can't work out what he is asking for.