Series 3 Episodes

Episode 3.5

Written by Harriet Warner
Produced by Sean O'Connor
Directed by Roberto Bangura

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As newlyweds Shannon and Harley awake on their first married morning, they are shocked to find they are staring into the jaws of death - the mouth of a 400lb man-eating lion to be precise. Meanwhile, the news has hit the stands; the bride and groom are missing, presumed dead - last seen floating off into the stratosphere!

Back at home Conrad is sick with worry - his precious jewel of a wife Amber has been kidnapped and he receives a terrifying ransom demand.

Frank's got a new lease of life - what has got into him? He is baffled by his sudden stamina - could the experts be wrong and is there life in the old dog yet? Meanwhile, 'praying mantis wife' Tanya is not so chirpy: Her plans for Frank to expire in the throes of passion have not worked and she is frustrated to be still lumbered with a bankrupt, old husband. It's not long before she's concocting excuses to get away and see the nubile Conrad. But Conrad is distracted and Tanya soon discovers why.

Kyle Pascoe is getting overtime 'bedroom exercise' from his personal therapist Elaine, and both seem happy with their newly found feelings for each other. But Elaine isn't Chardonnay and Kyle will have to learn that silver service just isn't her style. Could this be the start of something positive in his life or is Kyle too hooked on his gambling?

Amber's kidnap has made Conrad realise just how much she is worth to him. As Conrad follows the demands to the letter and makes his cash drop, he secretly wonders whether he will see her alive again.

But before long, bedraggled Amber is seen appearing from the woods like a wild beast. It looks like she has been through a terrifying ordeal! But Tanya Laslett is suspicious, as she knows how Amber's mind works. It is not long before she is playing the detective to find out what happened and is fascinated with what she discovers.