Series 3 Episodes

Episode 3.4

Written by Guy Picot
Produced by Sean O'Connor
Directed by Roberto Bangura

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It's Shannon and Harley's big day and they are delighted that Jordan is a star guest at their wedding.

Says Jordan (Katie Price): "It was excellent being in Footballers' Wives as I love the show. My role was bigger than I thought it would be, as even though I play myself, they gave me lines in the script. The scenes took two days of filming, but it was cool as the crew and the actors were all really nice - so it was a fun thing to do."

The young couple are both thrilled celebrity magazine "Hello!" is set to cover their special day - this is going to be the wedding of the year! Shannon and best friend Daisy set off to get the best wedding dress to show off Shannon's new assets.

Meanwhile, back at Earls Park Football club Hazel has some big news for the shareholders - she is taking the chair - it's her club now and she's not taking any nonsense. She immediately reinstates Elaine as Kyle's physiotherapist - Kyle is furious, he detests Elaine and the feeling is mutual. But one should never forget the closeness of love and hate!

The wedding goes ahead and it's the perfect day. All the Footballers and their wives arrive at the sumptuous location to support this happy couple. Even Kyle and Elaine manage to resolve their differences and find they might have a connection after all. As the music begins, young Darius Fry finds his schoolboy crush on Tanya bites the dust when he dances a slow number with the woman of his dreams - Jordan.

And Tanya stumbles across a perfect plan to get rid of Frank - and all she has to do is slip him a pill and then lie back and think of England! Tanya is riding high now she has her claws into married Conrad Gates. But be warned - Conrad isn't a one woman man and can't resist taking up a variety of offers! Later, when Amber leaves the wedding in a strop, Conrad doesn't take her actions seriously - but perhaps he should.

It is a perfect day - and to finish off the experience Harley has arranged a special surprise to whisk Shannon away to true happiness - or could it be into the jaws of death?