Series 3 Episodes

Episode 3.3

Written by Liz Lake
Produced by Sean O'Connor
Directed by Laurence Moody

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As Kyle Pascoe lies in agony it is not looking good for his future as a Premiership Footballer - shattered bones and shattered dreams - will he play again?

Meanwhile, Shannon is delighted with her nose job - perhaps now she will befit her top-of-the-league fiance Harley. There is however, the big question of her weight as she works out a quick way of shedding her extra pounds. It had better be immediate as she's got that wedding dress to buy!

As Kyle sinks into depression, matters are made worse when his agent Hazel visits. She's got bad news - she's dropping him as a client. Hazel has her sights set high - she wants to take over the club!

The Sparks are in dire straits as a club - they keep losing their matches, and matters are not helped when the manager Roger Webb has further bad news about the financial situation of the club. In the changing rooms, after yet another defeat, he drops a bombshell.

Kyle is introduced to his physiotherapist Elaine. Elaine is determined to get him back on the pitch as soon as possible - but Kyle has other ideas. He is stunned the club have assigned him a female physio - what would she know about football?

As Amber Gates heads off to Paris for a lucrative film audition, she reminds her husband Conrad that he is under strict rules to keep his hands off Tanya. Bollywood star Amber is desperate to revive her flagging film career - but what depths is she prepared to sink to?

Meanwhile Frank lays his future on the line with Tanya and it doesn't look good - his heart is packing in and won't take much more. But Tanya already has her sights set on her next conquest - Conrad Gates and she will go to any lengths and heights to have him!